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Ricky Martin, Maluma, Natalia Lafourcade, Becky G., Lali Espósito, Carlos Vives, Sech, Miguel Silngel Silvestre, Guaynaa and so on. Other celebrities revealed to Efe what they had learned about themselves brought about by the days of confinement to contain a coronavirus pandemic.

“Detachment” is the word chosen by Ricky Martin when talking about what he has learned in social isolation. When he confessed, he referred not only to material things, but also to plans and visions for the future.

Carlos Vives has been found in running a bull as “the father of all who work” in his projects. He himself was amazed at how emotionally he wanted to protect employees from his music initiatives, his restaurant, his theater and his foundation, to become something that “dispelled that dream,” he said.

Also Mexican singer and songwriter Natalia Lafourcade found that she had difficulty staying calm. According to him, he “took advantage of taking piano lessons” with his mother, who had been one of his great teachers, because he “always” needed to “do something creative”.

When asked the same question, Armando Celis “El Chocomilk” from Banda Los Sebastianes stated that he never thought that a pandemic would help him better understand women.

“Perfectionism, the insistence that everything looks good and looks good is something that usually makes us men desperate. In these days when they catch us going to release a recording, I finally understand that it is necessary to pay attention to details, “said.

Argentine actress and singer Lali Espósito realizes that she has lost the funniest side of her art because she is looking for perfection.

“In these days I have to learn to record myself, light up, put on makeup, and make my videos, I leave and just enjoy what I do and the results as best I can. It has become liberation, “he shared.

Maluma has noticed that there are some differences between Juan Luis, his first name, and the artist who moves people: “Obviously we are the same person, but today, for example, it shows that in my days, I didn’t” I wear jewelry and I feel more comfortable wearing a T-shirt and shorts compared to other clothes, “he explained.


Spanish actors at that time in Latin America held conflicting positions regarding their personal discoveries during the pandemic. Aitor Luna, who played one of the main characters in the second season “Enemigo Íntimo”, the Telemundo series, stated that he still could not believe “how well” he had “spent himself.”

Luna had just arrived in Madrid from Mexico when she was locked up in her apartment. He had been “happy,” he said, even though he knew that he was special because he had two balconies from which he could see “a nice piece of heaven”.

Miguel Ángel Silvestre was resting at his mother’s house in Spain when COVID-19 cases began to increase in his country, he decided to stay there and accompany him.

“I really miss people, suddenly I find myself petting dogs all the time and I realize how much I miss contact, hug my friends,” he said.

Other artists who have to go through quarantine in solitude are Mexican actress Mariana Treviño, best known for her main role in the Spanish film “Los Rodríguez and the beyond” and the Netflix series “Club de cuervos”. He admitted that there were times when he felt “helpless”, even though he was generally calm.

“I feel bad being alone, but it’s something I have to learn to enjoy, because they say it’s very good for you,” said Becky G., who, although he was locked up at home with his partner, American soccer player from Argentine parents Sebastián Lletget, really missed his family and team.


For urban singers and songwriters Panama Sech, quarantine has returned to the present. “We always think about what will happen, what needs to be done and now there is nothing else to wait for. This is a great discovery to enjoy now again, “he said.

His Puerto Rican colleague, Guaynaa, surprised him with his ability to focus the energy normally spread on his family and on himself. “I have been able to focus on a schedule to take care of myself more than before and feel healthy. That is something that I have never achieved before, “he explained.

Colombian Feid thought he was very close to his brother, but now they have “spent hours together.” “I have seen that it is not the same as spending several days visiting a home, when there are also cousins, uncles and friends to see, that this confinement. We have reconnected as when we were little, “he said.

Something similar happened to Mexican soap opera actor José Ron, who is very close to his family, but since he moved from the family home more than a decade ago, he has never “spent so much time” with them.

“I have recovered lost memories,” he said.

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