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Captain Sandy Yawn from Under the Mediterranean Deck explains that there are clear differences between sailing guests and motor cruises.

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Yawn made a surprise appearance during Under the Sailing Yacht Deck reunion and answer questions about rented guests at a original digital. Spectators know this season that the cruise ship sails full of action when Captain Glenn Shephard manages to get Parsifal III down very steeply, some guests are more than excited.

Also, unlike with motorboats, Shephard had to announce to the crew that the ship would sail. Because the ship was pulled over, the crew had to stop service and store and break items to avoid when the ship was tilted.

Cruise ship guests have a true love for water

“I think people who cruise ships enjoy sailing and really enjoy the love of water,” Yawn said. “And love the sea. Motorcycle cruises are for people who really want good service and because you know when you sail as clearly as we saw on the show, you can’t really sail and serve at the same time. “

This point was made on a number of occasions this season. Food rolled on the kitchen kitchen floor. The items came out of the closet because the servants would try to establish themselves using furniture.

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“At a superyacht, it’s about service and lots of water toys and less about sailing and more about enjoying anchors,” he explained.

Yawn then wants to know who Shephard’s MVP is this season

Shephard seems to have a pretty difficult call to make because Yawn wants him to name his MVP this season. While he gave a nod to a close friend, chief engineer Byron Hissey, he had to give MVP to his successor Ciara Duggan.

Duggan not only had to pivot from being a soup and crew chef, but he also had to work for his girlfriend Paget Berry. “I know it’s not as easy as being in the same department as Paget, but I think he did it amazingly,” Shephard said. Of course, Shephard thinks the whole team is doing well too.

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Duggan is of course MVP. He told the Showbiz Cheat Sheet that he juggled a number of jobs on a cruise before the show aired. Plus the crew that handles seasickness when they travel to Greece. “I work as a crew chef and the only soup,” he said. “It’s a big ship. So there’s only so much I can do between cooking twice a day for the crew, doing weekend food, keeping the kitchen clean. Trying to do things with the interior while we’re working.”

Duggan and Berry took heat from the new crew about the condition of the ship. “I did the best I could with what I had,” Duggan added about the time to lead the shoot. “Between that and having to keep everything. I mean, the reason there is linen put in the cupboard is because that’s what you use to keep things that break from the cupboard. I mean, we put towels everywhere.”

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