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Viewers know Captain Sandy Yawn from Under the Mediterranean Deck discuss problems with drugs brought on board this season. But viewers don’t yet know whether it’s guests or crew members who use drugs. Yawn said she handled each situation very differently.

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The camera caught Yawn who said, “It has caught my attention that you have illegal drugs.” The teaser dropped immediately after the suspicion of the drug on board Parsifal III on Under the Sailing Yacht Deck. Two crew members suspected that a guest was using illegal drugs during the charter and warned Captain Glenn Shephard. He spoke to the main, searching the guest cottage but no medicine was found.

Illicit drugs in this series only appear a few times. Both times the guests brought the drugs or were suspected of having them. However, it is still unclear whether it is the guest or crew member suspected this time. And Yawn didn’t spill tea. But he revealed that he handled drug possession with guests completely different from how he approached it with crew members.

Crew members are immediately fired if they have illegal drugs

Yawn told Reality check that crew members are immediately dismissed if they carry drugs.

“If it’s a crew, it’s a direct dismissal,” he said. “Point. There is no tolerance. It’s very different. We are responsible for lives. And that’s the difference.” Yawn added that she likes trailers and viewers will find out who is carrying drugs.

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Although he did not comment on drinking, the crew was also prohibited from drinking alcohol on a rented basis also for safety reasons. “We really have an alcohol policy,” said a cruise ship captain Dockwalk. “In your free time, you can do what you like. But if we have guests, there is absolutely no drinking, even if it’s for weeks. If one crew member even drinks one beer while we are in progress, [he or she] will be fired. It’s just a matter of security. “

Yawning gives guests the opportunity to dispense medicines (and continue their charter)

Yawn told the Showbiz Cheat Sheet that she started with the main if a guest was suspected of drugs. “Just go to elementary school,” Yawn said. “I don’t greet that person with drugs unless it’s the main thing. I just pulled them aside and told them that the main purpose was for you to enjoy your friends and enjoy the charter. I’m not here to be a fun killer. “

So I will just say, “Can you talk to your friends and take medicine from the ship?” That’s how I talk to them and they are usually very cool about it, “Yawn explained.

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He added, “I will never discuss client matters. Taking someone’s personal belongings? You can’t go through someone’s belongings. How you handle it is really the difference. That’s how you handle it. “

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