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Because Contostavlos has apologised to X Factor contestant Misha B for publicly accusing it of bullying at the time as a judge on the show, saying that she “clearly wasn’t ready” to justice.

Earlier this month, Misha B claimed that she was left scarred and suicidal after her appearance on the show in 2011 when she was accused by Contostavlos to be “bold” and “secondary”.

31-year-old N-dubz, exclusively putting the stars, which at the time was 22, she said she was given “the most powerful platform in the industry”, but did not receive any instructions.

Contostavlos initially apologized for four minutes Instagram video, but said it was “ridiculous” to think that her comments were racially motivated.

Exchange long message in your account in Instagram, said that Contostavlos its original apology was “more a response to online abuse/death threats to me and my family and people that tell me to kill myself.”

She said: “I am fully aware of the pain I’ve caused and I completely agree people should be dissatisfied with it. I can once again, there was nothing racial in my thought process.

“When I told Mike how feisty & competitive that is a reflection of myself because I saw myself in Mike. We are both very strong women, and when I communicate with people I always jump to the fact that I have a General to find a basis for connection.

“However, I understand that it made Misha feel a certain way as a young black girl, hearing this from a young white girl on a huge platform, living in an oppressed society, we do, full of racial slurs & undertones, not knowing what my thought process.”

She also made behind the scenes events that lead her to accuse Misha of bullying.

In his previous apology, Contostavlos claimed Misha B had formulated two acts to cry, one for the night of their confrontation.

She continued: “back to the question stage, I turned this day on the air, because when I feel threatened or someone I care about is threatened, my immediate reaction is to fight back.

“That day, someone younger than both of us came to me crying in my dressing room, upset over the accusation/sentence about them Misha expressed and later confessed to me that I felt was extremely severe, and he was not the first I heard about it.

“I was running thinking I was doing the right thing, I should call her, I must protect, I must be a defender, attacking it head on is the only way to stop it.”

She said she let her emotions “interfere with work” and that she never ceased to think about the consequences.

“I had no guidance and I was given the most powerful platform in the industry, at that time,” she added.

“I had a huge responsibility, which I obviously was not ready in these circumstances.

“If I could go back in time, I would have taken you aside and told me about the problems, it probably opened up about my own problems, and we would have an open and honest dialogue, and perhaps found some common ground in our childhood upbringing.”

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