‘Friday the 13th’ villain Jason Voorhees stars in a new PSA encouraging in the mask | Instant News

We really never thought that we write these words, but here we go: Jason Voorhees, the fictional villain from “Friday the 13th” series, starring in a new advertising campaign to get people to wear masks in a pandemic coronavirus.

Yes, you read that correctly.

“It’s not easy. What kind of mask makes people uncomfortable,” Voorhees says in the beginning of the video, as he wanders through new York. “I’m just trying to fit in”.

He rides the subway, trying to Pat the dog in Central Park, and you cannot hail a taxi in the video Ogilvy ads.

Of course, one would assume that his reputation as a notorious murderer, not helping him make friends, but this is his typical hockey mask not safe enough to slow down the spread COVID-19!

A little girl gives him a therapeutic-view face mask and all is well.

“Wearing masks can be scary. Not wearing one can be deadly,” advertisement ends.

It’s all part of a larger campaign to get new Yorkers to wear face.

Several studies found what to wear the face mask is a good way to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Social distancing and protection of the eye also help to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

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