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Harvey Weinstein of victims per share of $19M Fund to get rid of NDAS | Instant News


The once mighty movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein was charged in may 2018 and charged with five sexual offences. He was found guilty on two counts.


Albany – victims of sexual violence by convicted film producer Harvey Weinstein is ready to share $ 19 million through the compensation Fund and to obtain their release from the confidentiality agreement that new York attorney General Letitia James announced Tuesday.

The agreement, which must approve the arbitration and the district courts, the court will decide the 2018 state against the Weinstein company LLC for the creation of a hostile working environment and a class action lawsuit from women who have experienced sexual harassment and abuse by Weinstein.

James said that the deal is the largest agreement is proposed in a plan of liquidation of the assets of the Weinstein company and its parent holding company.

The agreement will allow to create 18.87 million dollars compensation to the victims and to free the victims from their non-disclosure agreements.

“Harvey Weinstein and the Weinstein company, not their employees,” James said in a statement. “After all the insults, threats and discrimination, these people finally get some justice.”

Weinstein, 68, a native of Queens, was convicted in state court in Manhattan earlier this year on two sex crimes sentenced March 11 to 23 years in prison.

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On Tuesday, a civil contract ends more than two years of investigation the state of abuse, Weinstein, including women pressed into signing a confidentiality, non-disclosure or a denial of the agreement with his company.

James said that those who were previously associated with the company or a non-disclosure agreement will be “free to tell their stories without fear of retribution.”

After the deal was approved, the court will provide information for women on how to participate in the process of confidential claims office-James said.

Dozens of women alleged sexual violence by Weinstein, who also faces accusations of sexual assault in Los Angeles.

“Harvey Weinstein has left a trail of trauma that was crushing for many women,” Louisette Geiss, who helped spearhead the efforts for survivors in the case, said in a statement.

“We had a desire for a career in business we really loved, and Weinstein took that dream we have and more.”

One of the plaintiffs, actress Caitlin Dulany said that women fought a long battle in court to hold the Weinstein responsibility for decades of abuse.

“It was an important moment for us to unite and to demand justice,” she said in a statement.

“Knowing that we help so many women that are long overdue for relief gives me hope that this settlement will continue to teach people to speak”.

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