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Ray D’arcy responded to the negative response to the performance of Niall Horan (via RTE)

Ray Darcy reacted after fans of Niall Horan wasn’t happy with my performance at the “Comic relief”.

The comic took place on rtΓ© last Friday and saw a number of sketches, which are passed throughout the night, which was attended by many well-known Irish faces.

Celebrities who were involved in fundraising in a direct show of mescal Paul and Daisy Edgar Jones, saoirse Ronan, Amy hubermann’s, Chris O’dowd and Dara O”Briain.

One of the most popular segments on the show with the reunion of Darcy ray, Dustin and zig and Zag on a nostalgic set from the den.

Niall Horan joined ray and the gang via video call as part of its talent on the telly, where he began to play his song “Black and White” guitar.

Ray and Dustin then interrupted his speech and said that they wanted instead of Harry styles.

The video clip went viral on Twitter over the weekend, with many American fans of Niall Horan not knowing that it was the sketch that Niall was a part of, and thought ray was very disrespectful Niall.

“Respect Niall Horan” began trending on Twitter over the weekend, like many other fans of Niall Horan took into account social media to share their disgust for his idol, being ‘cut off’ after watching the video.

Ray Darcy has finally addressed the gap segment is received over the weekend, assuring fans that Niall was a joke that happened on Friday night.

Speaking on his podcast Jenny and ray at home podcastformer Den presenter appealed to fans of Nile, to explain what happened.

β€œI doubt that any of them listened to it, but if they are – first, Niall will tell them myself, it was pre-recorded, so we don’t be rude to him to live, and we had a very limited amount of time.”

β€œNiall, more than anyone, for dogs. He wanted to do that day, he really did, because he was given something he can’t do anything.”

Referring to the fact that they cut Niall off and assumed that they wanted his former one direction band mate Harry styles instead, ray said that his fans “a lot more upset than Niall ever will be.”

β€œHe didn’t give it a second thought. Without hesitation”, he added.

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