The untold truth about 90 day fiance Brittany and Azan | Instant News

It’s safe to say banks Brittany and relationship Yazan ABO Horira not start on the right foot. Not only Asan was outraged when he found a bottle of liquor in the suitcase of Brittany, but he also wasn’t happy that she hugged producers. The incident led to a screaming match in the car that was 50 shades of disturbing.

Just when you thought a romantic relationship are unable to get harder, Brittany took to Instagram in June 2020 issue several lawsuits against Azan. “Fun facts about us,” she reported with subtitles, and now deleted photos in Showbiz Crib. “Favorite Azan to drink Jack Daniels. Azan loves hashish, tramadol and convince the women.” She continued, “he also likes to cheat with the fans of 90 day fiancé’. It was the third time. His favorite pastime is to blame others for their actions. Enjoy @yazan_abuhurira did I miss anything? I should celebrate your in control of yourself?”

Brittany doesn’t stop there — she also took her story on Instagram, writing, “woke up in the f*PU you up. Tired of misogynists who think they can groom women. IMA kill all his ladies. And women haters…”

Later, the Florida resident claims that she was hacked, although it’s not clear exactly what happened. Showbiz Crib suggested Brittany gave a cracking excuse to protect her confidentiality agreement (NDA) with TLC.

Unfortunately, Brittany and Asan not only 90 Day Fiance stars fighting — Relationship Cory and Evelyn at also rocky.

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