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The famous American reality show star turned fashion entreprenuer recently came under fire after news that it the company is refusing to pay workers clothing in Bangladesh

American model and reality star Kendall brand clothing and Kylie Jenner, Kendall + Kylie, responded to the accusations in non-payment of the factory workers in Bangladesh amid Covid-19 pandemic.

The claim originated in an article published in A remake On 1 June, which reported that the company global brands group (GBG) refused to pay their suppliers of clothing in Bangladesh for orders made in February and March after falling sales caused by Covid-19 crisis, according to the magazine people.

GBG listed Kendall + Kylie for your portfolio of subsidiary brands, although this list is already deleted, the article says.

On Thursday, the brand released a statement on his official account on Instagram where he said that these statements are “untrue” and does not belong to GBG the article noted.

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“We would like to ask unfortunately, incorrect rumors that global brands group owns the brand Kendall + Kylie and we have neglected to pay the factory workers in Bangladesh, as a result Covid-19 pandemic,” reads Instagram said.

“This is untrue”, – said in the message. “Brenda Kendall + Kylie belongs 3072541 Canada Inc., not GBG. The brand worked with CAA-GBG in the past In sales and potential business development, but currently we do not have any relationship with GBG,” the post also said, on Friday.

“We know that this is a difficult time for the fashion industry and working clothes in General, and we will continue to support all of our partners working in the factories that produce our products. We produce in countries around the world and never got any problems with the factories that produce our goods,” Instagram post.

Cosmetics Kylie, in a separate Instagram message is also issued a response in the comments section of the claim against Brenda Kendall + Kylie, the report says.

“There are rumors that some people perpetuate online, which is very bad. Kendall and Kylie nothing trade brand clothing in Bangladesh and ‘Kendall and Kylie’ is currently not associated with a global brand group. We feel terrible that this problem exists, but this rumor about Kendall and Kylie clothing absolutely not true,” Kylie wrote cosmetics, the report says.

The report further stated last week, the clothing brand released a statement in which the remake added as an update to the original article.

“The remake was to reason with global brands group (which are listed Kendall + Kylie as an affiliated label on their website until yesterday, 6/23/20), for refusing to pay garment workers for cancelled orders made in February and March,” June 24 update to read. “Yesterday we received a message from a representative of the Kendall + Kylie that the label does not have current orders with global brands group and will sue if we did not remove our posts and apologize.

“We have to ask: is there a Kendall + Kylie know who their suppliers? And they can confirm that women that sew their line of clothing has been paid during the crisis coronavirus?”, – the report says.

“Until we get clear answers from the team Kendall + Kylie and we present evidence that they paid clothing manufacturers, we will continue to investigate. We also invited a team Kendall + Kylie for dialogue with us to learn more about women who bring their labels to life,” conclude the authors of the report.


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