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It was not a good week for real music in the pop charts.

John legend was going to happen to him “the big love album”. The problem is that there is no single. The legend is clearly talented and charismatic. But nobody sent that album to the audience. He can do it much better.

“More love” sold a total of only 13,200 CD and download according AlphaData/noise angle music. With streaming counted in “big love” has sold the equivalent of 33 000 copies.

In its second week, “big love” fell in the top 50 is completely gone. Guhbye. Without a tour, there is no way to revive him. It’s not like “big love” had no marketing. There was a lot of attention in the press and on TV. But there was nothing to cling to. For his next project, John should have some interesting collaborations, and some clues to the song.

Columbia records also suffered with Bob Dylan praised the “rough and rowdy ways.”Here’s a great album, but the marketing possibilities are limited. After all, Bob did an interview with new York times, he had a lot of press. The album sold just over 60,000 copies, without streaming. Planned summer tour Dylan would have pushed sales up to 100,000, but that can’t happen. Sony can still focus on the “what have I made up my mind to give myself to you” as a single, maybe even make a video of like-minded artists to sing.

Meanwhile, good news for Sony, I think “the black parade beyoncé” is enough to listen to make 99,000 in sales. It’s not huge, but it’s something. On the question of whether “the black parade” will appear on Beyonce fast “visual album” for DisneyPlus, and if there is a disk, and if it will be on Sony, which still has not been mentioned in Beyonce’s press releases.

Great story Columbia records’ for the week was the revival album Harry Styles ‘ “a thin line” with sales of 32,000 to 6% from last week. “The thin line” is a top-5, Now, after moving away. “The thin line” has sold 145,000 copies of CDs and downloads, but stream the whole 775,000. Tour styles were sold, but had to cancel. A lot of money, time and effort has been invested in the creation of Harry styles the pop star. He might be the last pop star. But it works. We have to give credit where it is due!

Sony is waiting for


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