The separation is unexpected that in show business fell asleep. As the moment, and having to say “goodbye” and that statement was made by one of the former amorezi? How all this happened? It showed that all.

The division into show business fell asleep.

The invitation for the show “Masters of stars”, “Carmen” rose ” was more explicit than ever, and he showed something that still shore in secret. Former singer talked about the dog Jesse, which he took with him his daughter for what he thought not to feel lonely if you’re all family. The whole world loves her very much, but the sad thing problems of the respiratory system, which his family has.

The snoring, well, that’s the one with the job, and he supports him, someone from home and to take care of it, “Carmen,” he stopped sleeping with her husband, so now we have do not disturb. And this step I did for two spouses to share in this period.

Carmen Rose and her husband sleep separately because of a new family member is cățelușă

“Let us not sleep, all together, so to speak,”

“Ever since you appeared, now we have no more we sleep together, so to speak. Well, not only when he appeared, and when he just wants to sleep with me. I have had a dog for 14 years, and I told him that those who will come after will not have the right to sleep in the same bed. I’ve read that place the puppy down, not to look at you at the same height or higher. And, for the first few months I went, was not even the app too. And I was holding her, she cries, I had no relationship. That is, we were stronger. After that, I put her to bed, and since then… well, that snoring îngozitor difficult. I mean, imagine, gentlemen, very tired, snoring, bad. And the husband has achievements, and arrives late at night, if not asleep, because of him now we have to sell… And I quit. I tried to do is place one somewhere in the corridor”, “neutral”, but it is not worth it. And I’m sorry. That is, in one evening, two to cry… all you need to sit down next to her, that I fight for myself. So that is still not established space. How to grow, and it’s more than possible she will go away”
Carmen Rose

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