“data-reactid=”20″>in ‘confident’ Heath admitted, she went through a period when she felt “miserable” about his career, because of all the pressure in the showbiz world, and now she wants to make sure her music career only focuses on her music and her message and not how she looks.

“data-reactid=”21″>and she said, “I want a career that has nothing to do with my body. I want it to be about my music and my songs and my message. And I want a long career, that I didn’t have to change yourself. Music has brought me so much joy when I was younger, and I lost the joy of all the turmoil the music industry. I have miserable. And I don’t want it to be so. That’s what I want.”

“data-reactid=”23″>she added: “I used to have people look at me the night before the photo shoot, to make sure I don’t overeat or eat and swollen the next day. Now it’s just a completely different world. I’m not ready for a photo shoot, even. I can eat subway for Breakfast.”

She told bustle: “before the quarantine, it was very difficult for me to cry. I was programmed to the thoughts in my head when I was 16, I’m just going to cry if people pay me. I started to do all the work, allowing yourself to feel the pain of all the losses that I had and the hardships and trauma that I have faced. I think my ability to be vulnerable and to be more intimate with people really high”.

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