Wil Wheaton-this is the name that most people could be imprinted in their minds from their time spent crushing on a teen heartthrob in the 80s and 90s years. He achieved recognition by playing Gordie Lachance in the Comedy-drama 1986 the stand of the movie ‘I’ starring, alongside other heartbeat river Phoenix, Corey Feldman, Jerry O’connell, and Kiefer Sutherland. But he is perhaps best known for his role in ‘Star trek: the Next generation’, which brought him worldwide fame. Let’s not forget his famous cameo in ‘the Big Bang Theory’. A new documentary by HBO, ‘showbiz children are given unvarnished glimpse into the life of child actors in Hollywood. It also includes interviews with many industry stars who started their career as mere children. Wheaton shares a personal and honest account of his years as a young star in Hollywood, and how the tragic death of his friend river Phoenix is a painful topic that still haunts him.

Wheaton was the only one of his family that went to Actresses and became a part of the industry since 1981. But his path to fame was not only overshadowed by the struggle, but he also endured the loss and suffering that it finds no child should endure at such a young age. Started acting in commercials, he eventually got into acting and expressed interest in the films following a terrible experience with promotional filming with the Director, who insulted him. His first big break was in ‘Stand by me’, where he met and became good friends with river Phoenix and his career only went uphill from there. However, not sensational for him.

Actor wil Wheaton took part CBS’ ‘the group” Big Bang Theory ” at Comic-Con 2014 at the international Convention center of San Diego July 25, 2014 in San Diego, California (Getty Images)

A couple of his concerts that he has horrible reviews, and many were violent enough to criticize him that maybe, possibly, probably, forgot that he was just a kid. That took a huge impact on him, he revealed in a documentary by HBO. Although he had a loving family, they often tend to put pressure on him and ignoring his feelings. He gave up his childhood for Hollywood, but his family, especially parents, do not always understand him when he tries to Express himself, his sense of loss, and to cope with not having everything he wants or needs. But his untimely and sudden death of his friend river Phoenix in 1993, which shook him to the bone. His loss still affects him to this day and Wheaton admitted regret that he had not talked with him at the time.

Phoenix died of a drug overdose after collapsing for the Viper club in Los Angeles owned by johnny Depp. Hollywood fell into a state of shock, and suffice it to say that the whole country mourned the death of a teenage heartthrob and a talented superstar. But Wheaton and still lamenting the passing of his friend and beats himself over the termination of their communications. In 2014, Wheaton appeared on Larry king and said his first reaction to the news of the actor’s fatal drug overdose at the age of 23, was ‚Äúplease don’t let this be true.” The two broke up around the time that Wheaton was in his mid-Teens, and Phoenix was two years older than him. ‘Actor my own private Idaho was experimenting with drugs, and Wheaton distanced from Phoenix in the hope of a reconciliation when he will end his bad habits. But when Phoenix died, Wheaton said they haven’t spoken in many years.

River Phoenix in ‘my own private Idaho’, 1991 (IMDb)

In his blog in March 2011, Wheaton wrote about the cast of ‘Stand by me’ reunion the 25th anniversary of the film and Blu-ray release. When they all sat down for an interview, Rob Reiner, the film’s Director, was the first to comment on the lack of Phoenix. “It feels like there should be an empty place here on the river,” Rainer said that Wheaton described as more or less a direct hit in the stomach is accompanied by years of suppressed sadness. “People ask me about the river all the time,” Wheaton wrote in his blog. “He and I were so close during filming, and about a year after the shooting, but the sad truth is that he was involved in the lifestyle, I just have no place in my life and we broke up.” He added: “There is this monster in Hollywood that everyone knows. It is hidden from view, and sometimes he reaches and grabs one … and it’s by the river.”

When he died, Wheaton was in shock and horror, but he was not very surprised. It is not considered a real loss because “of the river I knew and loved for a very long time at this point”.However, he felt sorrow for his family and anger at the “evil people who don’t try to help him.” Wheaton looked to Phoenix for his talent in acting, loved his entire family and he also revealed that he doesn’t know what would happened to their relations, ” if not an overdose, if he never came back from the edge, or if we even had anything in common.” The only thing he values in life, that when he was 13, and the Phoenix was 15, he found a friend in him. “This is the man I knew, but the person I miss”, he added and expressed his feelings through the title of the blog post, although I haven’t seen him for more than twenty years, I realized that miss him forever.

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