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Ex-fiancée johnny Depp Winona Ryder will appear in the High court in London in support of the sensational statement of the actor for libel against the sun over a story that labelled him a “wife beater”.

The Hollywood star, 57, filed a lawsuit on the tabloid publisher news group Newspapers (NGN) and its Executive editor Dan Wootton for the article of April 2018, who claimed that he was violent towards ex-wife amber heard, 34, during their turbulent relationship.

Strange things actress Miss Ryder, 48, who had a relationship with Mr. Depp in the 1990-ies, will testify in support of the case of the actor via video link from Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The court previously heard that Mr. Depp had “Winona forever” tattoo, when the pair were an item, which he later switched to “wino forever.”

<figcaption class=Winona Ryder to testify in support of johnny Depp (Yui MOK/PA)”>
Winona Ryder to testify in support of johnny Depp (Yui MOK/PA)

At the preliminary hearing in the case, the part of the witness statement of Miss Ryder was identified in the court documents, which read: “I can’t wrap my head around (MS herd) charges.

“He’s never been, never laid on me. He was never, never offensive to me.”

The actress will show on Wednesday afternoon, after the court hears from a former Mr. Depp and control of the property, Ben king and Kevin Murphy, in the course of the morning.

Also Wednesday, the court needs to hear from actress and advocate #movement of Metoo Katherine Kendall, who claims that she was “misquoted” in the article the Sun.

In court documents, lawyers for Mr. Depp said Ms. Kendall will testify in order to explain how annoyed she was that the article was presented as if it were “endorsing” a comparison between the actor and the film disgraced Mogul Harvey Weinstein.

<figcaption class=Johnny Depp arrives at the High court in London (Yui MOK/PA)”>
Johnny Depp arrives at the High court in London (Yui MOK/PA)

The complaint in the newspaper, Miss Kendall wrote: “I never wanted to be in the article, which is called johnny Depp ‘wife beater’.

“I told you that I don’t know that it’s true! I have heard several times that she is actually insulting him. He was never convicted wife beater’.

“It seems that the whole libel on him. I talked about the fact that I didn’t know that he had hurt her.

“Even the photo just makes it seem so. I say to you that you quoted me and purposely took what I said out of context, in what I now understand, was your goal to discredit johnny Depp.

“I told you that I’ve heard amber heard hit him, which, as you know, I do not support any violence. You incorrectly tried to use the movement #of Metoo for your purposes, and using me that way.”

The court also heard from Kate James, Miss Hurd, the former personal assistant who is expected to testify about the consumption of MS heard about red wine and about his impressions of Mr. Depp.

As expected, it also argued that Ms. heard asked her to help prepare a letter to national security in 2014, which alleged that one of the staff MS heard only friend, which meant that it would not fall out rules.

<figcaption class=Actress amber heard arrives at court (Yui MOK/PA)”>
Actress amber heard arrives at court (Yui MOK/PA)

Judge Mr justice Nicol said in a preliminary decision that it will determine at trial whether the testimony of Ms. James, regarding what was submitted to the court as “Australia episode dogs” will be allowed in the case of Mr. Depp.

In 2014, MS heard and Mr Depp has recorded well-known now, they apologize for their Yorkshire Terriers and BU of the pistol illegal in Australia.

Pirates of the Caribbean star is suing NGN and Mr. Wootton for publication 27 April 2018 with the headline: “gone to pot: how Rowling is ‘genuinely happy’ casting the wife beater to johnny Depp in the new movie Fantastic beasts?”

His lawyers say that the article bears the meaning is “irrefutable evidence” Mr. Depp attacked MS heard a few times and left her “in fear for my life.”

MS heard claims that during the incident in Australia, she was subjected to “three day hostage situation,” during which Mr. Depp drank too much and took pills.

NGN is defending the article as true, and says that Mr. Depp “control and verbally and physically abusive towards MS heard, especially when he was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs”.

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