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When Chicks for your song “Gaslighter“in early March, fans buzzing. The track was first a trio of new music in over a decade, and it contains some really juicy gossip:

“Boy, I know exactly what you did on my boat / and, boy, that’s exactly why you’re not coming home.”

Chicks soloist Natalie maines recently divorced from her husband, actor Adrian Pasdar, and she said in anticipation of the “Gaslighter” that she was inspired to write at least some of the girls, a new song on their split, so naturally, fans have been trying to connect the dots. At that time, in the countryside, Marty Maguire and Emily Strayer remained mum on the subject, but four months later, they help fill in the missing details with another new song, “pantyhose on my boat.”

Written heifers with Jack Antonov — who also co-produced the new album Gaslighter — and Julia Michaels, “pantyhose on my boat” is how a kiss like the sun-as they come. Don’t let that bubbly, ukulele tinged tunes fool you: Maines revenge.

“I hope you die peacefully in your sleep / just kidding — I hope it hurt like you hurt me,” the song begins. It’s not kinder from there, either.

“I hope that when you think of me, You can’t breathe / I hope you never find socks to match the other,” Elena Shcherbakova sings, makes funny before delivery slap: “Hey, your dad is paying taxes now, what did I do?”

The second verse will shed something really hot tea: “Remember when you wouldn’t come with me / sent your mom is — Yes, it was the real thing … You came to visit, and you made me cry / didn’t speak to me for a few weeks, and now I know why” Maines sings, her words sharp, but her voice soar, like Joni Mitchell.

“You can tell the girl that left her pantyhose on my boat that she can have you / Yes, you can call her right now and tell her she can pick you up right now” goes the chorus, leaving no doubt that in rural areas is U-N-E. “You’re going to get what you got Comin’ to Ya / I think I’m not the last who will tell me / you gonna get what you got Comin’ to me / You, you …”

It should be noted that in explaining that her divorce inspired her to write new music, neither in the countryside nor her bandmates have clearly confirmed that Gaslighter‘s several references to the novel the sea about her ex. All three Chicks co-author as “tights on my boat” and “Gaslighter,” so what exactly is this anecdote could come from any of their lives. Ex-husband Maines, however, the only one who tried to get the court to hold until the release of the Chicks new music because it can violate privacy requirements in it and a marriage contract in rural areas’.

Gaslighterchickens first new album since 2006 Taking the long way and the first with dropping “Dixie” from their namearrived on Friday (17 July).

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