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Not counting the performances in da Nang, where Covid-19 are the outbreak, after many performances in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, also to get rid of right now. “A hungry 8 month beard” the lament of a singer, when just received a notice of cancellation of the performance, although just a few days of the program will be held.

That day 1-8, son Tung m-TP, first time, performing hits, new, “are you sure love is” on stage Star bridge (Ho Chi Minh city). However, the organizing Committee announced the program will be held in the form of online for everyone’s safety.

The movie “drive” canceled the show

Designer Chung Thanh Phong sent apologies to the audience when the decision to cancel the performances “my dear Princess, scheduled to take place from 1 to 8 October, because of the situation of the disease. He said: “the Show will be temporarily postponed to week 8 after disease under control. Although everything was prepared worthy and huge investment, but my sense of responsibility and awareness in prevention of diseases, always ready to postpone the show to protect the health better for all guests, customers, brother, sister, artist, model, and his associates.”

Singer NOO Phuoc Thinh share 4 show, da Nang is not, then 2 performances in Hanoi, just send a private message to postpone indefinitely. A number of concerts in Ho Chi Minh city are you looking for information how. This is also the common situation of many singers.

In the afternoon, 27-7, the release of the film “drive” notification to cancel is scheduled to hit theaters October 31-7 due to the complex movement Covid-19 in some provinces. Showtimes new movies disk will be updated next time.

Showbiz to go on a month hungry 8-beard - Photo 2.

NOO Phuoc Thinh said that many programs are not cancelled and this is a common condition many singers

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