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The rolling stones, Elton John, Lionel Richie, and signed a petition calling for an end to the unauthorized use of their music by politicians.

Several artists, including the “satisfaction” rockers – who recently threatened a lawsuit against the President of the United States Donald trump for using their music at political rallies – have joined together to sign a letter demanding politicians and activists to stop using their songs without their permission.

Loves panic! At the disco, pearl Jam, SIA, Aerosmith, Lorde, green day, R. E. M., Sheryl crow, property, Kurt Cobain, Blondie, and more, added their signatures to the open letter of the artist Alliance of the right.

In the document they have asked the Republican and Democratic parties, the Congress and the Senate committees to stop using their songs for their own political gain, and, consequently, forcing artists to explain whether they support them or not.

Part of the letter reads as follows: “any benefits from a policy of coercion a popular artist to publicly disown and reject them.

“As these unnecessary disputes will inevitably attract even the most lazy and apolitical artists from the roadside, forcing them to explain how they do not agree with the candidates wrongfully using his music. And on social media and in culture in General, we are talking about policies that usually end up on the wrong side of history.”

Ted Kalo, Executive Director of the Union of artists rights, told variety: “this is a question that has been raised in previous election cycles, but occurred with much greater frequency in this cycle, and that caught our attention.


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