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Killers already started an investigation allegations of sexual harassment during their 2009 tour, “Fox news” has learned.

The accusations were first brought to light a sound engineer by the name of Chez cherry, who worked in the tour 2009. She wrote about this in 2015, and it was published three years later in blog entry. On Tuesday, cherry shared on the blog on her Twitter account and first reported that the incident occurred during the killers’ tour.

In the alleged incident, 2009, cherry not to identify the alleged victim, nor to accuse any of the members of the assassin group.

The alleged account cherry witnessed involves an unidentified woman allegedly took a crew tour.


“Trigger warning. This is my story. I was a technician for the largest record company in the world working on one of the biggest bands in the world (so far). I never was any justice. I wonder about her all the time. Please share my story about my time with murderers,” cherry allegedly tweeted.

In the blog, said cherry was one particular moment that allegedly occurred in the eagles ballroom at the Rave in Milwaukee, WIS.

“The show was super and we were about halfway through our load when the FOH engineer came on the radio and said, ‘Hey, guys, the girls have built in dressing room A. to put your name in the list at the door with your radio channel and we’ll call you when it’s your turn,'” she claimed. “I knew that I’m not the target audience for this all to call and I’m sure I audibly shuddered while my assistants just laughed and asked if they could put your name on the list.”


She continued: “I kept his load, occasionally hearing name on the radio to inform them that it is their turn to train in dressing room A. I consoled myself with the thought that this woman, whoever she was, didn’t resist. She knew what she was doing and I can’t judge the people who participated, many of them happily married with kids. It was not my place to judge”.

Then, according to cherry, “all swapping stories about this woman and her experience with it. They talked about her degree of intoxication, but had no qualms that she must have lost consciousness, or close to it,” she claimed.

She said she learned that sexual misconduct had occurred after the security guard approached the crew on the tour bus to inform them that the woman was “passed out and Nude” in the locker room.

“Who is going to take care of her? You have a friend’s number or someone we can call?” the guard asked at the cherry.

Supposedly “Wake up” (front OF House) crew member “shook his head” and other men in the bus supposedly “laughed” in response. Cherry said she wants the day she stood up for the woman, although she didn’t know who she was, or whether or not she gave consent.

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“I cried that night in my bunk. I had to leave the tour. I wanted to tell this woman. I defended it. I had to get off the bus that night and picked her up from the floor in the bathroom, found her panties and made sure she was okay. I had to know her name. I had to do something. I had to say,” the engineer wrote.

In addition to sexual harassment, allegedly, cherry recorded in 2009, she also claims that members of the group-she did not reveal the names of the invited fans Backstage for sexual pleasure.

According to a sound engineer and audio crew were allegedly bribed with $50 to pay extra for the “tacit” agreements to bring women from the shadows, who will perform oral sex on members of the group.

“Even more if the girl to undress and shower for one particular member, we will receive additional 50$,” cherry further alleged.

She described it as “a clear history of consent, rape, hatred, and misogyny”.

Killer responded to the accusations in a statement shared with Fox News on Thursday.

“First of all, any accusation of impropriety by anyone on the killers tour, the team is extremely serious about the band and their management. The story of this man is appalling, and while the killer does not have the same crew tour in 2020 that they have previously in their careers, they will conduct a thorough investigation of past and present staff tour. Their lawyers will be attracted to this person for more information and clarity on the alleged incident as described, as well as audio providers that have submitted a team for the tour.”


If you or someone you know is suffering from abuse, please contact sexual nature 1-800-656-4673.

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