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Will you be due for someone else? Broadway concert in the bathroom? Are you ready to turn the shampoo bottle into a microphone, and try not to slip on the porcelain when you are jumping, joking, lamenting?

If you are looking for Broadway songs to sing when the water runs through your hair (and soap must get into your eyes), Showbiz has made you closed. If you do not reach the emotional intensity attached to the “Memory” of Cat or “Poor child” of Chess, you came to the right place. When the world is in its current state, with pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) keep people on the edge, You just need to release to pleasant tones – There are no ballads that stab hearts today.

Bebe Neuwirth and Ann Reinking performed at 7,486 ‘Chicago’ | Noam Galai / WireImage

1. “You Can’t Stop Knocking” from ‘Hairspray’

“You Can Stop Stop” is easily one of the most uplifting songs of all time – inside and outside the Broadway music room. You cannot stop history from being created. You cannot stop a progressive rebellion because “running down the hill.” You cannot stop the tide that is bound to change society at large. And, of course, “You can’t stop my knife and fork when I see Christmas ham.”

Life is about striving for what is right, but also about letting go – having who you are and what you bring to the world as an individual. In the end, when the music is playing, you can’t stop the beat. And in this song, he played quickly, and the lyrics came out faster than the vocalist’s mouth. Try to follow the lyrics as you shake and sway your way in three limited walls and curtains.

2. “Cell Block Tango” from ‘Chicago’

Are you ready to roll the invisible stockings down? “Cell Block Tango” is both handsome and seductive; The murderous ladies take the stage and tell you about all those who “have come,” so raise one eyebrow and go up to a suit that smells of revenge, vengeance, and a bit of excellence to give this one.

You better mean it when you shout, “Here he comes!” If your neighbor doesn’t hear you, you’re doing it wrong. Oh, and one more thing: if you don’t hit your lips with intensity on “Pop” and linger a little on “L” at Lipschitz, consider revising your approach.

3. “I Got Life” from ‘Hair’

Now is a good time to remember what makes us human and give thanks for our existence. What about songs where you mention all aspects of your humanity – from “headaches and toothaches” to your eyes, nose, mouth, teeth and tongue? Sing about life – have fun in the glory of your health, and let the world know … that you have life.

4. “La Vie Boheme” from ‘RENT’

While RENT has a lot of tearjerking ballads on its soundtrack, “La Vie Boheme” is not one of them. The compound players all took part in this one – singing about some funny and adult-themed topics. And, even deeper sentiments are cut through the style of music and lyrical cheer that keeps the numbers light – working to balance some of the dramatic numbers that occur later in the show.

This one is difficult to balance with the lyrics, so consider this a challenge. If you know all the words (or even half words) for “La Vie Boheme,” you are right RENT fan. However, if not, this one is still good to hear – see how many quick jokes and figures of speech you can catch.

5. “Be Our Guest” from ‘Beauty and the Beast’

“Be Our Guest” is described as cuteness that meets the cartoon class. And who doesn’t like trying out their terrible French accent for size when no one is listening? Food-themed poetry is intelligent, and the character of Lumière’s inherent character is fun to emulate.


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