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P.precisely when political leaders from certain countries understand how much the threat of a coronavirus is actually a contentious issue. But for many community members, an exact date can be given when the truth takes place at home: March 13. That’s when Tom Hanks was announced on Instagram that he and his wife, actor and singer Rita Wilson, a couple who universally agreed to become the Two Best Celebrities in the World, have tested positive for the virus in Australia, where Hanks has shot the biographical film Elvis Baz Luhrmann. (Hanks, who really plays against the type, plays the famous bully, Colonel Tom Parker.) On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah the word: “It’s almost like coronavirus chose Tom Hanks just to send a message to all of us. Like prison rules:‘ If I can get Hanks, I can get anyone. ‘

Many famous people have since been diagnosed with the corona virus, from Idris Elba to Placido Domingo, but only Hanks and Wilson made the front page of the newspaper. And while other celebrity diagnoses have sparked debate about why certain people have access to tests while the masses don’t, the news about Hanks and Wilson, both 63, only triggers anxiety on their behalf. “How dare a coronavirus hurt my father!” is a common online reaction, which reflects Hanks’ long standing status as a parent figure in the United States. Hanks and Wilson occupy an almost unique sweet spot that looks normal and globally famous, making their diagnosis seem too related and very strange.

And their normality is not a pose, judging from the number of times I’ve seen them in Los Angeles. One day, during Oscar week, I hung out at the Beverly Hills hotel where designers had taken several suites to dress in celebrities. Everyone who goes in and out of the hotel is a stylist, their heels soar, their Botox is perfect. Except for one: Wilson arrived and left quietly, wearing what looked like sporting clothes and charming face makeup, let alone Botox. “Taking Oscar clothes yourself” is probably a type of relative normality, but in Hollywood the “real world” is on a sliding scale.

Wilson and Hanks at the Oscars in February. Photo: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

Thankfully to Hanks and Wilson, but also to the morals of humanity, they are now fully recovered from coronavirus and returned home in Los Angeles, where they “lived inside and watched lots of old films,” Wilson told me on the phone. “Like it An affair to remember? “I cannot refuse to ask questions. Wilson has been acting since he was 14 years old, but his most famous scene is probably on No sleep in Seattle, where is the character spurt out about the 1957 film Cary Grant / Deborah Kerr. She had regained enough strength to suppress her fatigue with a reference: “Oh, that’s a good idea, for sure!” he said with only a few eyes rolled.

Wilson and Hanks first experienced symptoms on March 9, and were tested the following day. The doctor told them that they might be exposed to the virus by the same person at the same time, but no one else they knew had tested positive and it was still a mystery how they caught it. Wilson, in particular, has tried to be very vigilant: “It was early March, so people have not been socially distanced. But I didn’t shake hands, didn’t hug, trying to take my own steps. Then on the plane to Australia, I’m like Lady Macbeth – I can’t clean everything enough! The flight attendants were like: “What’s wrong with this woman?” I have a tissue, sanitizer, I clean it everything. “

Their symptoms are severe enough to be hospitalized: “We both suffer from high fever and are very ill. I lost my sense of smell and smell, had stomach problems and chills like you wouldn’t believe. Yes, I’m afraid, “he said. To try to reduce his fever, doctors gave him chloroquine – “not hydroxychloroquine,” he stressed, referring to treatment that has not been proven. President Trump has promoted. The temperature does go down, but the side effects of the drug are “very hard”.

“Extreme nausea, vertigo, my muscles feel like wet noodles, so I can’t stand up,” he said. They are not aware of the international reaction to their announcement because they hardly watch TV and are almost completely offline, except for contact with close friends and family. “We’re just trying to get through it,” he said.

Back in 2015, Wilson was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. At that time, she told her husband what she wanted from him and their two sons, Chet and Truman, if he died: “I said:” I want you to be sad for a very long time, “he said with a laugh.” And then I said: “I want you all to have a party for me.”

Did he and Hanks have that conversation again?

“No, but we had a different conversation before we were diagnosed. Before I get cancer, I will hear about other people who have cancer. I told him before: “After you have cancer, you understand you is other people. There is no reason why we don’t get coronavirus – we can get it. ‘And we got it. “

Wilson and Hanks have been married for 32 years and are known to have one of the most solid relationships in Hollywood. But through all this, so far from home, and by itself, will test any pair. How do they not lose their mind?

“I think having a virus at the same time makes it a little easier,” he said. “We take care of each other instead of being pressured to take care of one person and nobody cares for you or understands that people at home need rest. We were lucky we were in a place where we understood what was happening. “

'I want my children to see faces they know and understand that it's only me' ... Wilson.

‘I want my children to see faces they know and understand that it’s only me’ … Wilson. Photo: Jim Jordan

Wilson was born and raised in Hollywood, the daughter of a Greek mother and Bulgarian father. He started acting as a teenager, appearing on The Brady Bunch and then other US TV shows throughout his 20s. In 1981, when he was 25 years old, he appeared Shaman’s friends, a sitcom which barely lasted two seasons but launched Hanks’ career. He was married at the time, and had two children from the marriage, including the actor, Colin Hanks. But the two of them reconnected in 1985 when they both had roles in the film, Volunteers, and were married in 1988. Since then, Wilson has made a name for himself as a successful producer (My Greek Fat Wedding, Mamma Mia!) And team player reliable; it’s always fun to see him appear in supporting roles in films like Runaway Bride and Sleepless in Seattle, as well as classy TV shows including The Good Wife and Girls.

Last year, he produced and appeared in films Boy Genius“What people might never see,” Wilson said, unfortunately, was accurate. But something from the film stuck in his mind during his recovery: in the film, the character featured the legendary song Naughty by Nature, Hip Hop Hooray. After a few days in the hospital, he and Hanks were allowed to return to the hotel to recuperate, where they played cards, watching the ubiquitous Netflix documentary. Tiger King (“Yes, very crazy, ha ha!”) And Ken Burns documentary about country music. But Wilson still felt “a bit foggy”, so to restore his brain, he decided to relearn Hip Hop Hooray. He later recorded video he did and posted on Instagram from isolation in Australia, “to let the people at home know that I’m fine, and maybe they can get a smile from him.”

The video took off and currently has 2m likes with adoring comments from Barack Obama (“Drop the mic, Rita!”) To Kim Kardashian (“The best video ever !!!!!!”). But Wilson’s most thrilling comment came from Naughty by Nature himself, who liked his version. Wilson and the group have now remixed the single and released it to raise money MusiCares Covid-19 Relief Fund, to support members of the music community.

“One of my fans put me in and said:‘ Hey Vin! Have you seen this? ‘And I was like:’ What, oh my Gahhhd, ‘”said Vin Rock NbN with, a suspect, some disparaging remarks.

Vin Rock, he said, “aware [Wilson] from her films, and certainly her husband, Tom Hanks. ” (His favorite Hanks film, for the record, is Forrest Gump: “The way they put him in all those historic scenarios!”)

“For us to be able to take this song and now and turn it into something positive, I think that’s a beautiful thing,” he said.

So he doesn’t mind one of his famous songs being taken by an older, very rich white woman?

“Not all! Hip hop always inclusive. Rita’s son, Chet, is a big fan of hip-hop and he has received a lot of support from the hip-hop community who want to call him posing or cultural worship. “But multicultural people who participated in hip-hop made it a phenomenon like this,” he said.

Chet Hanks – or Chet Haze, to use his rap name – has indeed been accused of doing those things and worse. In the past, he was maintained he often uses n-words, even though he has been since put it down for the problem with drug addiction. He is clean now, but 29 years old got into trouble again earlier this year when he accompanied his parents to Golden Globes and speak up in a Jamaican patois on the red carpet. In a recent interview with the New York Times, Tom the word about his children from his first marriage: “They remember when their father was just a man who tried, you know, to make rent. My other children, they were born after I established a beachhead in everything. So their lives are different. “

But Chet became a bit of a star during his parents’ illness. He posted a video update that made sense of their condition (“They didn’t stumble but they were going through necessary precautions, obviously”) and humorously shot various conspiracy theories about Hanks who were on illuminati (“If someone wrote it on the internet, you know that must be true. “) Instead of being ridiculed by the media, as he often did, Chet now made headlines as “How Son Hets Tom Chet Haze Becomes a Soothing Voice Amid Covid-19”.

That must make Wilson proud, I said.

“That’s very sweet of him. “Of course, our whole family is concerned about us,” he said, maintaining a protective policy about his children.

I told her that the last time I interviewed her husband, she raped that she and Dan Aykroyd done in the 1987 film Dragnet for me. So now I imagine them as a hip-hop family, all raping one another at night.

“God, we make fun of rap, it’s funny! People say to me:” Chet must have gotten the rap from you. “But we were more introduced to him from our son than he was introduced to me from me,” he said.

Wilson is an accomplished musician in his own right and, since 2012, has released four albums, three of which feature songs he wrote himself.

Hanks and Wilson at Sleepless in Seattle.

Hanks and Wilson at Sleepless in Seattle. Photo: Allstar / TRISTAR IMAGES

“Writing and singing songs is far more satisfying, compared to what I offer in the film. How many times can you play understanding, caring for your wife, mother, daughter, grandmother, best friend? I mean, I have run out of that role canon, “he said.

I told him that the part of what I liked about his Hip Hop Hooray Instagram post was not how he sounded but how he looked – really not stylish and not tweaked. How did he avoid that pressure to look perfect and protect the face of a 29-year-old boy while living a very famous life in Hollywood?

“Part of it is my mother who rarely wears makeup and I like seeing her face evolve over time with me. I want my children to see faces that they know and understand that it’s just me. Everyone has their arrogance but I – I – hmmm. How do you put this? I … just … don’t really care! “he finished with laughter.

But has he ever felt pressure?

“Oh yeah! When I made the Runaway Bride I had Botox, because Botox was new and everybody got Botox, and I got it on my forehead. But then I saw this film, and it was emotional scene where I fired Richard Gere and my forehead didn’t move. I thought: ‘Yes, that didn’t work!’ I tried lip fillers around the same time period, and one day I came home and my children laughed at me, and I thought: ‘Okay, that’s all!’

Wilson has to go now – maybe to watch An Affair to Remember, maybe not. “I’m very grateful to be back to normal again,” he said. So be careful, okay? “Besides, because he knows better than most people, we are all just others now.

Hip Hop Hooray (Remix) is available now, with results to MusiCares Foundation Covid-19 relief fund


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