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For the love of God, can someone please cry request to make Dr. Anthony Fauci People’s Sexiest People Alive magazine?

If not, can we at least stop talking about it?

I got the compliment; for some people, heaven helps us, the highest praise. Fauci’s attitude is untouchable and very competent strength flare and the shock in the midst of the triumph of slippery personal feelings, driven by tweets, includes donkey, everyday contradictions to the undeniable facts that have been the Trump administration’s reaction to this pandemic.

Let others speak up anger about the closure of the church, or grumble about insults wearing a mask; expressing concern about Dow Jones or explaining why it is now very safe for Florida residents to return to shore (which they just left) because, well, just because.

Fauci will continue to stand in front of the microphone talking only about things he knows. Not what he wants, hopes, thinks or feels. What does he know.

No matter how openly the Fox News anchors are trying to move the narrative that is being broadcast, no matter how often the president opposes him in public and in his face, Dr.

So now experts are the new section, from specifications to striped socks – the new rock ‘n roll’ immunology. We all feel it, a feeling of relief when Fauci starts talking, but here’s the idea: Don’t give up.

Let’s all take a deep breath, socially far away and choose to refuse to praise the person who is most likely to stand out among 328 million Americans and resolve the disaster by giving him an award he will share with him Chris Hemsworth (no offense, man).

Reject the desire to “humanize” the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease by asking him to give dating advice or make it more “accessible” by bringing him up with some changes in pop culture.

You think I overreacted? There is already bobblehead, late night fan club, prayer candles and socks; Can reality shows be far behind?

Because that’s how it works when you start spit out the term “sexy.” Selling this section and economy will require some quick, hot sales in the near future. Who would not want to see Fauci assess which contestants produce the best COVID-19 prevention protocol?

But if life really will look different in the coming months, let’s start with this.

Come on no make Anthony Fauci a rock star. Because he doesn’t need to be a rock star. He needs to be who he is – a doctor and immunologist who emerged from the AIDS crisis with a unique understanding of the relationship between science, humanity and public policy. A man with almost miraculous power to separate his ego from his mission, to bring knowledge with full recognition anti-science presidential administration, to express expertise in front of a president who does not believe in experts.

Don’t destroy a very complicated balance by dragging a section into it. Not like his fans late at night, or the president, for that matterFauci doesn’t need to worry about television ratings. Isn’t it better to stay like that?

When scientific facts force culture to shift from desire to reality, we have the opportunity to respect the line between the influence of pop culture and true expertise. We know what life is like when we blur that line. It looks like Drs. Ounce, Phil and Drew, men who become media figures because they are often willing to change facts for the sake of rank and present slammed for their incompetence to keep quiet about things they don’t understand. Like COVID-19, because, guess what? None of them are immunologists or epidemiologists, and “Dr. Phil” doesn’t even have a medical degree. “We need our mojo back,” Oz said recently in “Hannity,” before suggesting that bringing children back going to school deserves to increase the COVID-19. mortality rate as if some strange form of national arrogance deserves to be made by a schoolchild canary in a coal mine. (Since then he has resumed his remarks after much criticism.)

We have the opportunity to return the culture of experts to actual experts.

The emergence of personal testimony as a valuable social force – whether through memoirs, daytime talk shows or the blogosphere – is a victory for the democratization of popular culture. Millions of people, ignored or denied entry into traditional ways of disseminating information, are suddenly heard. And that changes the world.

That also makes everyone expert.

But the person is a complement, not a substitute, empirical; feelings can come from or help create facts, but facts exist regardless of feelings. So while many of us might have it feels that COVID-19 is just a form of the flu, Fauci and others know, through their expert ability to analyze data, that it is not.

With a little luck, Fauci’s expertise will not only save us from a pandemic, but also remind us that there are times when expertise is the most important commodity. Not strong branding, social media influence, audience preference or connection. In our rush to become the next YouTube / social media / “America’s Got Talent” star, some of us have forgotten the importance of skill sets that have less to do with personality and more to do with perseverance. Fauci is 79 years old; he has been the director of NIAID since 1984. He knows what he is talking about not because he is cool (which may be very good) but because he has been talking about it for a long time.

Fauci has become a star by repeatedly telling the truth even though it is a truth that no one wants to hear.

That’s not sexy. It was amazing. But I don’t think People magazine has a category for that.

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