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Amina Buddafly has come a long way chaos Love & Hip Hop fans watched his experience. After years of unhealthy marriages with Peter Gunz – equipped with a love triangle – he end his marriage, determined to be a better version of herself for her two daughters.

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Luckily, Buddafly’s music didn’t sink with the chaos of the show. It might be easy to forget that Buddafly is a powerhouse: he is a singer, songwriter and musician.

Born in Germany, Buddafly and her two sisters fled to New York in the 2000s with the dream of a music star. Their group, Black Buddafly, entered Def Jam Records in 2005 and released several popular songs. Amina’s brothers returned to Germany after feeling frustrated with the industry, and Amina set out to make him a solo artist.

Black Buddafly
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Amina’s musical talent cannot be denied. He rarely spoke English when he moved to America, but he taught himself to play the guitar and keys by ear. He wrote and produced his own music from the home studio he built in his LA apartment.

A quick scroll through his Instagram account is proof of his three loves: music, motherhood, and health. Showbiz Cheat Sheet talked with Amina about emerging from reality television dramas and painful divorce; she is stronger than before, has new music and a mission to inspire women through health.

Amina Buddafly said moving was one of the “hardest but best decisions” of her life

While Buddafly was committed to their marriage, Gunz maneuvered between her and her ex-husband. He has children with both women and breaks Buddafly’s heart along the way. When Buddafly’s one-year-old daughter wiped her tears, she knew it was time to leave. Pregnant with other children, he made the choice to move across the country. Buddafly explained to Showbiz:

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The next day, I called the moving company and arranged everything and two weeks later I was on the plane. I went to LA before and looked at places but nothing was set. I must reach the lowest point and know that everything cannot be fixed between Peter and me before leaving. I wasn’t sure on the plane when I traveled from New York to Cali but I knew I had to do it. That was the most difficult decision, but it was the best decision.

Source: YouTube

Buddafly said it took two years to recover from the damage caused by his relationship with Gunz.

Amina Buddafly said she and Peter Gunz were in a good place after their divorce

Even though Gunz was upset he moved to a different beach with their children, said Buddafly, Facebook him to move, he must break away from such a drastic relationship. While in LA, he sought the help of a therapist to help him process everything.

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“I cry every day or every day in that relationship,” he pondered. “When I look back now, I can’t remember the last time I cried, it might have been like two years ago. Time really helped me heal. The saying,” Your children don’t need a perfect mother, they need a happy mother “so true.”

Through therapy, her children, and creating music, she can forgive and continue. Their divorce finished at the peak of this year and he said they were in an amazing place.

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“We are fine. I think of him as friends. We are parents,” he said. “I tell people that of all the people who have been with me, I am glad I have children with him. Peter is an extraordinary person, he is not a good partner. “

Amina Buddafly doesn’t regret ‘Love & Hip Hop’ because it helps her career

Despite the heartache, Buddafly experienced Love & Hip Hop, one good thing that came out of the show: he could display the music. Before the show, his career stalled.

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The show gave him an audience he had never had before and even in the midst of a reality show, he released music and was able to put his business affairs to life in post-reality television.

“I have released 3 full albums and 3 EPs for the past seven years,” he said. “I have built a good fan base. I’m also an influencer, thanks to my work on reality television, so people pay me to promote things. “

Amina Buddafly details life as an independent artist

Buddafly was smart to combine his music all the time on the show, because he had helped him since leaving the series. He built his brand from the ground up. Even so, Buddafly explained that being an independent artist without the machine behind him could be difficult:

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I have it all myself … I have a good streaming number, so I have money coming from my music and from publishing but when it comes to marketing and ordering performance dates, I need a good manager to take over the business aspects. I don’t even have a song on the radio, just streaming. I have not found someone who works for me.

Amina Buddafly
Amina Buddafly 2018 | Image of Jerritt Clark / Getty

Buddafly is responsible for all costs associated with his projects and he says that expenses occur quickly. He did a lot of research to find other creatives to collaborate with who worked because they were creative creatives.

As a single mother and independent artist, I do not have spare money to record videos. I do a lot of creative work myself. I came up with an album title, visuals, and song order on my album. Fortunately, I have worked with some extraordinary people who work with me because they believe in me but it takes longer to get the project out because of monetary costs.

Amina Buddafly reunited with her sister for the Black Buddafly reunion album

One who is often invited to collaborate with Buddaly is her twin sister and member of Black Buddafly, Jazz. Because their other sister Sophie has a different style of music, Amina and Jazz have moved forward as a duo. They are working on a new album.

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“We are trying to keep the classic Black Buddafly sound the same. Jazz and I did an EP 3 years ago named We R and our fans always ask us to record together because we are very similar, “he said.

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Most of the songs for the upcoming album are complete – all of which they have written. The sisters have also produced most of the music itself. They received and recorded several songs for tracks that they did not produce, but had not yet made a decision on which song would make the final cut.

Amina Buddafly is passionate about writing songs

In addition to singing and music composition, Buddafly is known for his songwriting abilities. When asked if he had ever sung his songs to other artists, he said that being independent had been difficult. He insisted that this year, he would step out of his shell and work to put his music.

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“I have a catalog of music so large that I write that I feel it is not suitable for me, especially now because I am getting older and have so much music for younger demos,” he said. “I will try not to make excuses and actually shop for my music because it will really be in vain.”

Amina Buddafly’s new lifestyle cookbook promotes her health advocacy

After turning pain into victory, Buddafly’s personal mission is to be a model for women of self-love and well-being. His social media pages are filled with videos about him exercising at home or in the park with his daughters. He also has a page dedicated to his love of cooking. To help others, he created lifestyle recipe books, Mi plate.

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“Mi Dishes is a coffee table lifestyle recipe book,” he said. “There are 280 pages of recipes, lifestyle tips, short personal stories from me, and visuals. I made a 30-day guide for my fans to follow because of the many questions I get about fitness and food. “

Buddafly said the main theme of the book he hoped he would meet was that health starts from within. He is in the best place in his life and career because he focuses on himself and does the hard work that is needed to recover. In the end, he said it was worth it.

Source: Instagram

This is all about balance. I have no restrictions in my diet, but I choose to include things that are healthier than not. The same thing applies to exercise. You don’t need a gym or fancy equipment. You can exercise at home. Consistency is the most important and that’s what I apply to my life as a whole.

Mi plate available for purchase on Amazon. The Black Buddafly reunion project is scheduled for release this year. Buddafly’s last album, After dark, can be downloaded on all streaming platforms and he also works on solo acoustic albums.

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