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Season 10, Episode 17 is a bit slow, but one thing is possible
prominence for fans is Frank Reagan’s problem at work. In this episode, that is
it became clear Frank had been doing his job for too long. Is it time to
The police commissioner will retire? This is the Showbiz Cheat Sheet currently playing

Frank Reagan was accused of being unrelated

Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan in Blue Bloods | Jeffrey Neira / CBS via Getty Images

Emotions ignite for The noble Season 10, Episode
17 (titled “Puzzle Palace”) when a policeman (Jeff Lyons) is suspended
violent behavior at work. Jeff was angry about the suspension because he said
his commanding officer hands over his orders to “put fear.”
God, “the suspect.

One complaint Frank heard was that he had lost contact
because he was not aware of how his orders affected the officers. Frank was accused by
Jeff’s father sided with the new mayor and pushed to stop and search him
can calm the media. However, Frank responded by saying, “I care about my police,
not the media. “Jeff is a police union delegate, so he organizes” blue flu ”
where officers call in sick to protest.

Frank acknowledged the time was different

Tom Selleck | John Paul Filo / CBS via Getty Images
Tom Selleck | John Paul Filo / CBS via Getty Images

Frank meets with Jeff to learn more about what
occur. Jeff said he only followed orders. He also revealed that before
the incident, the commander received strong criticism from Gromley
about increasing drug trafficking on the streets. As a result, the commander
Officers pressured officers to be tough on civilians.

Jeff said there was a disconnection between the executive offices
and police officers. He tells Frank there are no worries about how their order is
impact on officers. “I don’t know what gold says to brass,” Jeff told Frank. “What
What I do know is that people in blue don’t have white shirt immunity for you all
To do. You talk, but we must walk. “

According to Jeff, officers took “a beating from the media” and faced a public backlash when something went wrong. Meanwhile, superiors avoid the consequences. Frank reminds Jeff that he is also an officer who must take direction from people in higher positions. Jeff then asked how long ago it was and whether it was even the same. Frank said many different things when he was an officer (he joined the police department in 1974).

Is it time for Frank to retire?

Tom Selleck on the set of Blue Bloods | Jojo Whilden / CBS via Getty Images
Tom Selleck on the set of Blue Bloods | Jojo Whilden / CBS via Getty Images

Initially, when Frank heard a complaint he was not aware of
about what happened to his officers, he became defensive. However, he later consulted
with Danny, Jamie, and Henry during a family meeting. He asked them if he really was
not connected and what he can do to solve problems. They concluded that he was
indeed lost contact with the reality facing his officers from day to day. honest
ask what he did wrong and how he can improve.

This episode made us wonder if it was time for Frank to do it
leaving his position as police commissioner. Maybe he should part with
the department while he is still on good terms and hasn’t made the end of any career
error. Obviously he needs help understanding what his officers need. Can
This episode is preparing for the possibility of Frank’s retirement? Will not
Surprised if The noble The producer decided it was time for Frank to say

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