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Ed Brown from “90 Fiance Day ” not letting his boredom stop him makes his fans laugh. “90 day fiance“Personality has followers in stitches after the TikTok clip he recently posted. In the clip, he is seen wearing a police uniform and dancing outside his house. Awkward ICT Tok editing techniques have been applied in videos with pulsating dance music played along clips.

Ed Brown gets gold with TikTok and Instagram videos

Ed Brown have had a lot of time to explore social media, recently.

He has proven to be very adept at using TikTok and Instagram, in the past few days. On Saturdays, chocolate publish TikTok videos about him reacting to negative comments he read online. It shows he is bathing in a fiery filter and playing on the stake. In his statement, he jokingly wrote that he might have to get an air conditioning unit to calm himself. He is also active on Instagram, posting random videos on the platform every day. One of the videos strangely went viral, among his fans, when he compared himself to the frog in the clip.

Recently, he also talked about why he always felt the need to touch his glasses. He explained that he needed to constantly adjust it because one of his ears was lower than the other. In a different clip, he also explains his fashion choices. According to a San Diego resident, he likes to wear black because it matches almost every other color.

Big Ed made the controversial ’90 Day Fianc√©’ action

Despite his popularity on the internet, Ed Brown made many questionable choices and actions “90 day fiance“Because of this, people feel that controversy follows him almost everywhere he goes.Big Ed got a big reaction online when he told his girlfriend, Rosemarie Vega, to get an STD test. The subject appeared after he was bored he refused to talk about his past relationship with him.

He thinks it’s a STD test would be a good compromise because he wants to make sure that Vega doesn’t sleep. Instead, he will stop himself from asking more questions about his past. Needless to say, the proposal did not go well with Vega. He retorted to her, saying how disappointed and offended she was about what he meant.

Even before the failure of the STD test, Big Ed already had a questionable reputation among several viewers of the show. They suspected that he had set his girlfriend up because he was very surprised when he saw him at the Manila airport for the first time. Recently, fans also criticized him for controlling.

Big Ed Rosemarie Vega was shocked when she told him to shave her legs to make it more attractive. This comment does not suit many fans, who pay attention to Vega’s financial situation.

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