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The heir to Disney’s wealth and sufferers is not stupid Abigail Disney spoke out against the Walt Disney Company decision to cut the wages of 100,000 workers while maintaining an executive bonus scheme that is usually worth $ 1.5 billion. That Financial time reported this week that the Disney company will put half of their workforce on unpaid leave closing of their park, hotels and retail locations last month. While Disney’s chief executive Bob Iger and CEO Bob Chapek will provide salaries of $ 3 million and $ 2.5 million respectively, the majority of their compensation comes from the dividend bonus scheme, which will not be affected this year.

Abigail Disney, Walt Disney’s niece, heard the news in twitter and bring the company to work on a long thread outlining its anger and disappointment. He pointed out that the preserved $ 1.5 billion dividend package would pay workers’ salaries for three months, and called a “good rhetoric” which included “looting and rampaging [of workers] by management. “He also called attention to the fact that” front line workers in the park have had to struggle for years to get their salaries to reach $ 15 / hour. “Chapek, he said, was paid about 173 times that of the average Disney worker.” What kind of person comfortable with this? “he asked, and called Chapek and Iger to provide their annual compensation.

Disney has been vocal in the past about the problem with the inequality of wealth and workers’ rights at Disney companies, specifically criticize Last year’s Iger compensation. “I have no role in the company, which is fine with me. I am only a citizen who cares and I think it makes me free to say what I believe,” he wrote on his Twitter thread. “But I’m an heir. And I carry this name everywhere. And I have a conscience that makes it very difficult for me to sit down when I see violations occur with names attached to them. “Read the full thread below.

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