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The Bulldog has become viral on social media after he was photographed looking very disappointed. Let me say that I sniffed sharply when I first saw Big Poppa and then my heart explodes. Good stuff!

“Big Poppa is very sad today, I think he misses playing with children in the building,” man, Rashida Ellis, shared in a tweet that is now viral. “He just watched them from the terrace.”

I mean, SEE HIM.

Big Poppa sitting in a pile of sadness has destroyed me. What I want to do is climb the wall, jump over the balcony, and hug him, and kiss him, and give him an endless pat of good children. But I will not, because of social distance etc.

Ellis had tried to comfort Poppa with lots of love, but she was still very sad.

“I have tried, but he loves children more than anything and cannot play with them every day but he can see them … I think it is burdening him,” he wrote on Twitter. UGH, MY HEART.

It’s safe to say that Big Poppa is truly online.

@ WeRateDogs, your only source for professional dog ranking, tweeted: “I will find a cure myself if it means seeing Big Poppa smile again. 10/14. “

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Here for all Poppa Besar tweets.

Speak to BuzzFeedEllis revealed that Big Poppa’s real name was only Pop. He left with popsicles too. Pop is a three-year-old English bulldog, and he loves, loves, love playing with children in the Ellis building.

“He loves children and then other dogs and then adults,” Ellis told BuzzFeed. “In that order.”

When Ellis took a photo of Pop which was now viral, she looked at some children playing in the yard.

“He keeps making noise to get their attention, but we are six stories and they can’t hear it,” Ellis said. “I’m like, ‘Oh my God, he’s really sad.'”

Pop also has Instagram, just in case you are wondering.

We must flatten the curves so that Big Poppa can play with his friends again.

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