LeBron James Allegedly Engaged to Adrienne Bailon and Cheated | Instant News


The Los Angeles Lakers player reportedly dated actress and co-host ‘The Real’ for seven months in 2003 and was engaged for two months, before they broke up due to an affair with another actress.

LeBron James‘alleged past relationship with Adrienne Bailon has been revealed. According to the dating website, Whosdatedwho.com, the NBA star was making love to the actress before marrying her high school sweetheart, Savannah Brinson.

As claimed by the website, basketball players and “The original“co-hosted a date for seven months after gathering in May 2003. They were allegedly engaged to December of the same year, but separated two months later in February 2004 because he was having an affair.

“Adrienne Bailon 18, from the teenage pop group 3LW and Basketball Rookie Phenom Lebron James 19, called it quits after Lebron admitted to having an affair with more than fifteen women,” read a quote from the website. The former Cleveland Cavaliers star, who reportedly proposed Adrienne with a $ 150,000 platinum and diamond ring, is said to be having an affair with a fellow actress. Bagus Meagan.

“He once tricked me before with one person, an actress, (our source told us we were stuffy Meagan Goode) but he told me that he loved me and he ‘persuaded’ him into it,” Adrienne was quoted as saying at the time. “I just can’t believe he cheated me many times with so many people,” he said along with tears in his eyes. “I am loyal to him throughout our entire relationship, and that is a thank you that I deserve, ****.”

It is also claimed that Adrienne found out about Lebron’s unfaithful despair when he returned home with a foul odor from another woman’s “bottom”. He recalled, “I know on Valentines Day of all the days of Valentines Day. I smell it, and he can’t even look me in the eye and say I’m wrong. However, I hope he’s fine in the future, because he will never find someone who loves him like me. ”

However, this must be taken with a grain of salt because there are no other records that indicate the romantic relationship of LeBron and Adrienne. He has been married to Savannah since 2013, but they have been together longer than that. They have three children together, Bronny (born 2004), Bryce (born 2007) and Zhuri (born 2014).