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When faced with difficulties, WWE has been known to mix things up. And that is the point WrestleMania 36, watch the first two nights of the event’s long history.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s Show of Shows is the most unique ever. Some games are recorded without crowd at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, while others have cinematic-style presentations and do not occur near wrestling rings.

This will definitely be a pay per impression that will be remembered by many people. Nonetheless, WWE features most entertaining shows featuring several quality matches throughout the weekend.

What follows is a look back at three matches that left the best impression at WrestleMania 36.

Boneyard Match: Undertaker beats AJ Styles

If WWE will occasionally make a cinematic style match moving forward, there needs to be a production team that puts together a Boneyard match in charge of them.

This is one of the best versions of the format that we have seen, and of course the best WWE has been made.

Editing, rhythm and music combined to create an epic meeting between The Undertaker and AJ Styles that will be remembered as the best part of this unusual WrestleMania.

It is far better to watch The Deadman, aged 55 on March 24, in this type of match than the traditional single match at this time in his career, so hopefully we will see more about this with him in the future.

It was incredible watching veterans throw away the three members of The O.C. while fighting them on the roof of an abandoned building. He threw Luke Gallows, delivered Tombstone Piledriver to Karl Anderson and then strangled Styles to the ground below.

The Firefly Fun House match between Bray Wyatt and John Cena was also fun, but that didn’t quite match up with Undertaker-Styles.

The tomb meeting was far better than anyone had expected, and it had a memorable end when Taker buried Styles alive, with only The Phenomenal One’s hands sticking out of the ground to end the fight.

Consider the first half of WrestleMania’s 36th night Boneyard match, because that is the most entertaining part.

NXT Women’s Championship Game: Charlotte Flair defeated Rhea Ripley to win the title

Some people may not be happy with this match ending with Charlotte Flair winning another title, but it cannot be denied that the chemistry she has in the ring with Rhea Ripley, who entered Sunday night holds the NXT Women’s Championship.

And that is something that must return to WWE again in the future.

With The Queen now the NXT title, there is a possibility that she will roam her old land under the yellow-black brand. Not only is it beneficial for NXT because it continues to grow on Wednesday night, but it will also give him some much needed new opponents.

One of those battles will likely be a rematch between Flair and Ripley, which opens the second part of WrestleMania 36 with a 20-minute battle that tells a great story.

The Queen kicked her out of the early Riptide by Ripley and attacked the injured Nightmare’s left knee and finally made her enter the eight figure leglock in the middle of the ring.

Some matches in the empty arena WWE has filmed at the Performance Center are lacking, but this is not one of them. Ripley was impressed in his first WrestleMania show, and it would be nice to see where he went from here, maybe looking to take back the NXT title from Flair.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match: John Morrison defeated Kofi Kingston and Jimmy Uso to defend

This is another empty-arena match which is likely to go down as one of the best during this unusual time. John Morrison, Kofi Kingston and Jimmy Uso are known for hitting a few crazy points, and that’s what they did in this Triple Threat ladder match.

The biggest thing that can be taken is that Morrison is still able to display great performances on the biggest stage. In her first WrestleMania match in nine years, The Shaman of Sexy reminded fans what made it so special during their original trip with the company.

Combining his parkour style, he made some amazing moves, including Starship Pain one foot to Kingston on the stairs.

And, of course, members of The New Day will give, because he develops in this type of match. The stage might be smaller than WrestleMania last year, when Kingston won the WWE Championship, but it was as entertaining as usual.

Whenever Morrison and Kingston are involved in a gimmick match, they find innovative places to be brought to the table, so it’s really not surprising this match is one of the most exciting on weekends.

Hopefully, Morrison will continue to get the chance to show his talent, maybe even with the singles running after the SmackDown Tag Team Championship reigns with The Miz.


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