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Melissa Etheridge appeared on “Watch What Happens Directly” on Monday night, that means one thing: more intel about Brad Pitt!

Etheridge, who was once one of Brad’s closest friends and players at his wedding Jennifer Aniston, Might know what he did to come to the show, but clearly wished he could avoid talking about Angelina Jolie.

In 2016, he talked about the divorce from Angelina Brad Andy Cohen radio show, just to claim a few days later on “WWHL” Jolie’s PR Team disputed what she said. Last night, he hoped to do Andy’s show “without mentioning his name whose name will not be mentioned.”

He succeeded, although Cohen still wanted to know what Etheridge thought about the hysteria that erupted when Brad and Jen finally photographed together at the SAG Awards early this year.

“I wish I could do your show without mentioning his name that won’t be mentioned. I love Brad and Jen together, they are beautiful,” Melissa said.

“I believe they will always remain friends because they are two special people who can get through anything and hope their friendship will last long,” he added. “Those were glory days, I remember those days. Yes.”

In the same segment, fellow Christian guest Johnston was asked by viewers to describe his relationship with Ryan Reynolds in the 90s with only three words.

“With Ryan Reynolds ?! I forgot for a long time,” he said, before saying he was “a very good, great, fun person.”

Johnston was also asked about his famous role “Sex and the city,” an appearance that ends with his character falling to death outside the window during a party.

“I know Sarah Jessica [Parker] for years and he kept offering me small parts and I was doing ‘Rock 3’ at the time, “he explained.” Finally I was free, it was the second to last episode and it was the best part ever, so it came together. “

Johnston said he went there knowing the fate of his character, but “didn’t know” how iconic it was at the time.

Cohen asked if he had witnessed the “tension” between the four core cast members, as was proven Kim Cattrall and the costar doesn’t really match the end of the series.

“I noticed that Kim was a little calmer than the others, honestly,” Kristen said. “I think they are done, they are fried. That is the end of this great whirlwind.”

During the additional game, Andy revealed that he had done the show wearing only shorts from the waist down.

Melissa revealed she had been kissed in the mouth by Dan Marino, Steven Tyler and Paul McCartney, while Johnston said he hadn’t been out of his pajamas in two weeks.

“Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” airs every night in Bravo.

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