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Lars Ulrich, drummer for the rock shlock company Metallica, has threatened that the fallen thrash metal giant could make a new album despite the locking of the coronavirus when he shook his chin with Salesforce chief Marc Benioff.

For that we will say: “Have we not suffered enough?”

During a live webcast on Tuesday by SaaS clothing company about “connecting with you customer fans from home “, Ulrich told Benioff’s best friend that the positive side of the pandemic is that technology is finding new ways to unite people.

After the slap intro slapped, the couple mourned the human costs of COVID-19 then spat on how technology keeps the big biz wheels – including those like Metallica – spinning during this sweltering heat.

Thinking about how to make music during the “new normal”, however, the conversation turns dark. Ulrich warned: “The people who made the software and all the things we used to record were sitting now trying to find out how Lars and James [Hetfield] and Kirk [Hammett] and Rob [Trujillo] can make Metallica records from four different locations in four different countries. That’s definitely something we really like. “

As if Ulrich’s timing was not clever enough, we can imagine how bad it sounds once Metallica starts to jam because of Zoom.

Hearing this, superfan Benioff eagerly interrupted: “Will that happen? Will we see a new Metallica album emerge from your house ?!”

Ulrich will not immediately give “yes”, but is afraid to accept that suggestion. He replied: “A lot will be done with how long the order to stay at home is in place and much must be done if there is a second wave of viruses. Who knows what our world will be like six months from now? But clearly, one thing can You rely on creative people, good or bad, is that they can’t sit still for too long and I can tell you that at one of our weekly Zoom Metallica sessions we talk about how we can be a band again. “

After a little chatter, he added: “I can tell you that the four of us are really excited about what it looks like. Will there be a Metallica quarantine record? I can’t tell you because, again, I’m not. I don’t know. how long the quarantine will last, but if you and I and the rest of the world are still sitting here six months or a year from now, I can say there is a very good opportunity. “

Very nice. Of course, about 300 years ago, during the 80s, Metallica was among a group of influential bands who took the wave of New British Heavy Metal, injected it with Motörhead and hardcore punk, and accelerated it at high speed, created “thrash metal” and put down the foundation for more extreme forms such as death metal and black metal.

They issued a landmark album salvo during that time – Kill them all, Riding lightning, Dalang, and … and justice for all – until 1991, when they realized that they could make more money if they wrote pop-rock songs and electric ballads. It was an eponymous “black album”.

Then they cut their hair. And less is said about that period, until 2016 Reprogrammed … to destroy yourself, better.

Kerry King of fellow Bay Area thrash outfit Slayer always said Metallica lost all their talent when they cut their hair. Admittedly, Slayer hasn’t released a good record since the 90s began. The king is bald.

But if we take a moment to stop Metallica cyber-bullying, there is a warm and pleasant side to be sold. Salesforce said it would match donations of up to $ 100,000 to members of the band’s charity, All Within My Hands, who have given grants to the relief organization COVID-19.

Benioff also spearheaded A $ 5 million grant for small US businesses that were adversely affected by the lockdown. But it must be said that with each grant worth $ 10,000, which only covers two weeks of income at the bottom. Two days on the high end.

Although there are sad expressions and “broken hearted” confessions during the presentation, we must not forget that the charity and the charity movement are ultimately about one thing: making as much money as possible even when the world complains under the pandemic. You can be sure that Ulrich, too, will pat the fat check in thanks for his appearance.

This is not the first time he has rubbed shoulders with the high-tech community. Previously Intel CEO Brian Krzanich had shared fond memories eat at Benioff’s house in the company of Ulrich, Elon Musk and David Blaine, of all people.

Metallica as a whole too “powerful” by Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and even tied to play the company’s Dreamforce event in 2018, where Ulrich is as quoted Metallica spent the year “trying to apply Salesforce products to everything Metallica did”.

Metallica’s former bassist Cliff Burton – peaceful for him – will never let this happen.

You can watch the Salesforce flow here if you are also designed to self-destruct. Ulrich’s horrific predictions can be found around the 31-minute mark. ®

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