Coming soon – but not too fast: Most of Oklahoma’s cinemas won’t reopen Friday | Instant News

“Maybe sooner. We anticipate having some free movies and some of that sort of thing … and maybe having some films that if you want to pay for it, you can, and if you want to make a donation, that will be fine,” he said.

During the closure, he said staff had overseen improvements to the OKC theater, including the installation of the 1980s Allen Digital Computer Organ, which would allow the theater to show silent films with direct accompaniment.

Instead of reopening, Tower Theater OKC announced this week that they were delaying all May events, including films. Managing Partner Stephen Tyler said the concert and the film venue would return, but not yet.

“I’d rather we wait until we are much more confident about how to protect people,” Tyler said. “Another part of this is people’s confidence in going to public places, because we can have all the great films and all the great things, take every precaution, but if people don’t have the confidence to come out, they won’t back. “

Online option

Menara Teater, Rodeo Cinemas, Circle Cinemas and Film Museum all now feature the first independent, foreign and documentary films to be run through the Virtual Cinema initiative, a collaboration between independent cinemas and national film distributors that was launched about a month ago. Through their Virtual Cinema program, indie theaters can allow their home-based audiences to stream new titles for a fee, with distributors and theaters sharing revenue.

“We target the same audience, we do the same marketing, we only ask you to do it at home,” Tyler said.

Although that won’t happen on Friday, Wiens said he was confident that people would return to the new seats at the OKC Museum of Art and listen to the newly installed organs in Rodeo soon.


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