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Consider there are nine films in this film Skywalker Saga and throughout many other adventures in the form of film and TV, there are many bad people scattered throughout the world Star Wars franchise. There are some that have gone down in history as some of the most iconic of all time, and some that end up just as an inexpensive opportunity to get kids to buy toys.

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We have compared five of the best with the five worst, limiting ourselves only to those who appear on Skywalker Saga.

10 WORST: Darth Maul

We need to make something very clear here. Darth Maul is one of the coolest villains of all time, and he has potential that can hardly be described. For some reason, George Lucas ruined his own creation. He revealed a double-ended lightsaber in the trailer to The Phantom Menace, he gave Maul about five minutes of film time (and twenty pod races) and then he killed him before we learned anything.

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Luckily, he was resurrected Clone Wars so we have to explore its brilliance more, but in terms of its presence on the Internet Skywalker Saga, unfortunately he was forced to become one of the worst criminals when he really had to be one of the best.

9 BEST: Jabba The Hutt

Who would have thought that one of the best bad guys in film history would be a big blob of fat, skin and mucus that looked like a big snail? Well, Jabba The Hutt, in all its slow glory, is number five here. He appeared in the pod race back in episode I, finally having the frozen form of Han Solo, and was finally strangled to death by a princess. Can you think of a better storyline?

8 WORST: Jango Fett

Does not mean. Absolutely no use. This is one of the lowest moments of George Lucas. In an effort to connect the prequel trilogy with original films, he decided that Boba Fett (the character with the least relevance, at best) was the son of Jango Fett, the man who became the basis of all Clone Troopers. It’s really crazy, and Jango Fett’s presence is lifeless, boring, and unnecessary. The beheading is very satisfying, but we certainly don’t need to see the children’s version of Boba in the guise of wandering around.

7 BEST: Kylo Ren

No matter what you think about the sequel trilogy, it’s impossible to deny that Kylo Ren is a brilliant bad guy. He embodies a confusing position somewhere between a desire for total strength and a hug from his mother, while it looks very cool (except when he needlessly takes off his clothes and runs like an angry child) and has one of the best lightsabers in the franchise.

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His redemption and then death soon after sharing a pointless kiss with a girl did not even remotely suggest he should fall in love by not doing it justice, but until then, he might be the pinnacle of the Disney version of Star Wars.

6 WORST: Boba Fett

Boba Fett takes the clear position of Darth Maul-esque on this list. Obviously, he looks really cool. We all liked the little statue in the corner of the room. But think about it: for how long was he on screen? He did not do it any; he barely spoke, and then he died without death. He is not really a character more than him Mandalorian ornamentation. There is clearly a lot of potential there that has been explored in other media, but in terms of film appearances, Boba Fett is perhaps the most exaggerated Star Wars character.

5 BEST: Calculate Dooku

List a specifically the prequel villain as one of the best bad guys in history Star Wars might be a brave step, but think about Count Dooku for a moment. First of all, he is played by Christopher Lee, so the joy of charisma and darkness is already there. Second, he is the only prequel character who is refined and given a detailed background and existence.

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Finally, he gives us two of the best battles in franchise history: the absolute madness of his fight against Yoda in episode II, and (almost) his dominance over Anakin and Obi-Wan in episode III.

4 WORST: Snoke Supreme Leader

Supreme Leader Snoke can go in various directions. It seems that JJ Abrams has big plans to turn him into a large figure of pure power who oversees a new awakening of the dark side. Suddenly, Rian Johnson turned her head and let her be killed in the middle of episode VIII. The (very clever) revealed that he was nothing more than a clone created by true power, Emperor Palpatine, meaning he was no more than a piece in his game. This means he deliberately became one of the worst and most useless criminals in the franchise.

3 BEST: Darth Vader

One of them, if not thatThe most famous face in cinematic history is Darth Vader. Even those who haven’t seen it Star Wars know the sound of his breathing and can take his scary helmet from the crowd.

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We might not need to see his childhood back The Phantom Menace, but to see how his influence and legacy continued to have an impact even after his death when Kylo Ren adored his grandfather’s helmet was very strong.

2 WORST: General Grievous

If there is an example of something made exclusively for making toys, that is General Grievous. Lucas must have known how many fans liked him when something new happened with a lightsaber, so he gave Grievous four of them and turned them into very cool looking robots that could turn into various shapes (perfect for toys). Despite this, he has no special character or relevance, and for some reason, suffers from persistent coughing. All of his presence in the prequels can be used to perfect Darth Maul, but not …

1 BEST: Emperor Palpatine

Unnecessary king from Star Wars and the only character at the heart of the whole storyline is Emperor Palpatine. He performed behind-the-scenes performances in the prequels, showing fake kindness while he eliminated the Jedi. He is the face of the Empire and personification of crime during the original trilogy. Finally, hiding under the surface controlling every First Order movement during the sequel, even if his grandchildren finally defeat him. He is a true icon with the most extraordinary display of unlimited power Star Wars ever gave us. That Skywalker Saga truly Palpatine Saga.

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