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Ryan Murphy’s new Netflix show Hollywood combining facts and fiction to tell his story about the Golden Age of the film industry in Los Angeles in the 1940s. That means a number of real life showbiz movers and shakers made appearances on the show, including iconic movie stars such as Rock Hudson and Vivien Leigh.

First episode Hollywood introducing viewers to Golden Tip Gasoline, a service station where handsome servants are treated all the needs of their rich customers. One of these clients, in the blink-and-I’ll-miss-it scene, is declared to be the real American composer Cole Porter.

Porter is seen smoking while wearing half clothes, emitting the most incomparable energy in the world as he says “Hello there” to protagonist Jack. In just a few seconds, the show nodded to Porter’s homosexuality, and its significance to the musical canon.

By the 1940s, Porter’s sexuality had become an open secret in some circles, and he had earned a reputation for hedonism. During his stay in Paris, he was famous for his party, which reportedly involved all kinds of debauchery and drug use. However, Porter’s respected public image was protected by his long marriage to Linda Lee Thomas, with whom he lived from 1919 until his death in 1954.

As well as, Hollywood briefly refer to the existence of Porter in the culture of the time; It is entirely fitting that Dylan McDermott Ernie’s character portrays Porter as a “living legend” and “national treasure.” He wrote music and lyrics for several musicals that remain popular to this day: Whatever it is, screwdriver comedy mounted on a ship, has been adapted for the big screen twice and has several stage shows, and romantic comedy Kiss me, Kate won the first Tony Award for Best Musical in 1949.

A number of songs written by Porter for this stage show have since become synonymous with swing music and big band. If you’ve heard your uncle or grandfather doing karaoke, then there’s a chance you’ve heard one of Porter’s hit songs, which include “I Love You Under My Skin,” “Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall in Love,” “Night and Day,” and ” I Get a Kick Out of You. “He also compiled scores for a number of famous Hollywood films, including Upper class society, starring Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby, and Les Girls, starring Gene Kelly.

Porter is shown sitting during his brief Hollywood cameo. In real life, Porter was seriously injured during a horse riding accident in 1937; he refused amputation and spent the rest of his life with a disability, claiming that continuing to write music was the only disruption of constant pain.

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