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After his escape role in Hulu Small Fire Everywhere, Jordan Elsass made a name for himself. In limited series based on Celeste Ng’s novel of the same name, Elsass plays Trip Richardson, a popular athlete and Elena Richardson’s oldest son, playing by Reese Witherspoon.

Through the lens two families whose lives are intertwined, adaptation of Hulu to Small Fire Everywhere exploring motherhood, racial dynamics, and classicism in the 90s, which culminated in a tense final that aired on April 22. Recently, Showbiz Cheat Sheet met with Elsass to discuss the finals of Small Fire Everywhere and upcoming actor projects.

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Fir Little Fires Everywhere ’is an escape role for Jordan Elsass

Elsass began his career in community theater when he was 11 years after his mother encouraged him to audition for production at a local theater.

“He was like,‘ You know, try something new. I’ll give you extra video game time ‘… So I did it. “I took it and I agreed without really realizing what I was facing,” Elsass told the Showbiz Cheat Sheet by telephone. “I would say, until maybe two years ago, I didn’t like, ‘I really want to do this to make a living.’ It was truly a passion, but it was more than a hobby for several years. then. “

Flashes forward a few years, and Elsass plays the role of Trip Richardson in Small Fire Everywhere with Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, and Joshua Jackson. For Elsass, the opportunity to work with such experienced actors for his first major project proved invaluable.

“It’s really strange even to be in a scene with someone who is very high level and who has been doing it for so long. And you learn a lot from them only in the scene with them. You know, they are very giving. And they just play you very different from many actors who might have worked with you, who might have just begun, “he said.

Jordan Elsass on Trip’s relationship with his mother

At the end of Small Fire Everywhere, a number of storylines surfaced. Especially, Elena expels Mia (Washington) and Pearl (Lexi Underwood) and they leave Shaker Heights. This effectively ended Trip’s romantic relationship with Pearl and made Izzy (Megan Stott) feel abandoned by Mia, whom she considered a surrogate mother.

Confused, Izzy poured gasoline on his bed, only to be stopped by his family before he could burn it. Elena later told Izzy that she “never wanted” him from the start.

When asked how this confrontation affected Trip’s view of his mother, Elsass replied, “I think he is very, very disturbed, and I think it is almost, I do not want to say that he will permanently change his perception of his mother, but to some extent. “

‘Little Fires Everywhere’ is different from a book

In the climax of the episode, Izzy runs away and Elena refuses to follow him. Deviating from the book, Trip, Lexie (Jade Pettyjohn), and Moody (Gavin Lewis) decide to finish what their sister started, and they light a small fire throughout their home.

“I think he is a little more a follower than a leader,” Elsass said of Trip’s choice to set fire with his brothers. “And I think it’s because the strong emotions he had about Pearl went mainly, and because of what he witnessed, his mother said to Izzy. And because Izzy just left … And there was so much emotion. And then he saw the brothers- his brother like going with it. “

While Lexie was the one who suggested setting fire, Trip was leading the charge.

“He finally took this step as a leader. And he rather likes, ‘Let’s do this.’ Like, ‘We will follow in Izzy’s footsteps.’ Lexie said it, but Trip was the one who took the gas and then liked to do it. You know, and I think that’s very strong, “Elsass told the Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

What happens next for Jordan Elsass

Big Little Lie famous for having a second season even though it originated as a limited series. Since the end Small Fire Everywhere aired, Elsass hasn’t been told anything about the show that was received second season.

“I think there’s always a possibility,” Elsass said. “You never know. I mean, I haven’t heard any conversation at this time. And I certainly can’t be like,” Oh yeah. Well there will be one. There will not be one. “I don’t know. But there’s always the possibility.”

After success Small Fire EverywhereElsass has two projects in progress.

“Before quarantine and everything, you know, I had an Amazon Prime event calledPanic what I’m working on. And then after that, hopefully soon I will go to Vancouver to film the CW show, the upcoming CW show, called Superman and Lois. I will play as Superman’s son. Very excited for both projects. “

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