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With only two nights left until WWE Money at the pay-per-view Bank, SmackDown locker room members struggle to take extra momentum into the event. In the “go-home” edition of Smackdown on Friday night, King Corbin ended the event by standing strong, using the stairs to pull down a suitcase that hung from the ceiling in a symbolic moment ahead of Sunday’s ladder match.

But the main story of the night was the confrontation between WWE universal champion Braun Strowman and Money in the Bank challenger Bray Wyatt. The two exchanged words in the last few weeks, but with Wyatt and Strowman both occupying the same ring, the challenger tried to call the champion “home.” Strowman rejected Wyatt’s view of their time together in the Wyatt Family, saying he was at home as a universal champion.

For the record, Jeff Hardy was confronted by Sheamus, creating a potentially interesting program between the two veterans. Hardy managed to humiliate Sheamus with a series of large movements, culminating in the Swanton Bomb. Also, Sonya Deville won the anticipated face-to-face match with Mandy Rose after weeks of increasing tension between former team-mates.

Let’s see now everything that happened to this money in this week’s Go-home Bank Smackdown.

SmackDown WWE recap, grade

Sonya Deville def. Mandy Rose through Pinfall with a roll-up. Rose exits quickly with an attack, defeating Deville to the ground in the corner. Deville finally took over the match, dealing Rose with a significant offense, but Rose finally snapped and began throwing Deville to the announcement table and sounded a step while shouting, “Who’s b —- now, b —-?” Deville would eventually fight the knee into a roll-up, however, and hold on for three counts and win in a decent short match that takes five more minutes to tell the full story they are aiming for. Class: B-

The Miz & John Morrison & The Forgotten Sons def. Lucha House Party & New Day via pinfall when Miz pinned Lince Dorado after the Skull-Destroying Finale. This is a fast eight-person tag match featuring four teams in the SmackDown tag championship match on Sunday. The match approached constant chaos without slowing down at any point. Finally, after the beautiful shining part for the Lucha House Party, Miz uses a blind tag to sneak up behind Lince Dorado for the Skull-Destroying Finale. Grade: B

Jeff Hardy returned to SmackDown with in-ring interviews. While he talked about the lows and highs of his career, Sheamus was shown backstage mocking his promos. Hardy begged the fans to stay with him for “one more good run” before calling Sheamus into the ring. Sheamus was obliged before talking about the pandering Hardy to the fans – fans who were not even there – before saying they were tired of supporting Hardy through his problems. Sheamus said he was not a “hater” but was accustomed to respecting Hardy, only that everyone needed to realize that Hardy had never really returned. After saying it was time to extinguish Hardy’s fire, Sheamus was charged to the ring only to take away from Hardy, who culminated in Whisper in the Wind, Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb. Hardy’s music plays to close the segment. Given time, both can tell very interesting stories. Grade: B

Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman face to face in front of Money at the Bank. Strowman came out first and said that Wyatt was afraid of him when they were in the Wyatt family together, which remains true now. Wyatt said he knew what Strowman would say and do while also knowing what was best for him before saying he could teach Strowman what was best for him. Strowman said Wyatt did not know him or how he thought and worked before Wyatt said their journey had just begun. Wyatt held out the black sheep mask and begged Strowman to “return home.” Strowman said he was already at home and would retain his universal title on Sunday, bringing to close the other long-winded segments of Strowman and Wyatt that were not connected like the best of Wyatt’s work and did not play in the best aspects of Braun. Class: C-

Def Tamina & Lacey Evans. Bayley & Sasha Banks via pinfall after Tamina hit Bayley with a drop of Samoan. When Bayley and Banks began to build momentum on Tamina, Evans slid into the ring to take Banks with Women’s Rights. After Bayley knocked Evans from the ring, he was captured by a superkick and a drop of Samoan from Tamina for a pin. Tamina remained the lowest player in the ring, but this did the work intended to build momentum for her towards Money in the Bank title match against Bayley. Value: C

Dana Brooke and Carmella were interviewed backstage, with the two women confirming that they hope to win Money in the Bank ladder match.

King Corbin, Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro def. Drew Gulak, Daniel Bryan & Otis via pinfall after Corbin hit Gulak with Deep Six. Not surprisingly, Otis was the third person on Bryan and Gulak’s team after being tempted backstage. The match was not given as much time as expected, but with two of Money’s colleagues on the steps of the Bank match across Corbin, he managed to win over Gulak with Deep Six. After the match, Corbin tries to attack Gulak with his stick but Bryan does a rescue and things turn into wild fights before Corbin tries to climb the ladder to take money in the Bank prop suitcase. Bryan tried to cut Corbin but was thrown from the ring. Otis took the next Corbin before trying to climb the stairs himself, only to break the ladder under its weight. Finally, Corbin was able to clean the ring and finally climbed the ladder for a symbolic victory. I don’t know if this was really done to close the strong show, but Otis breaking the ladder was entertaining. Value: C +

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