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Rick and Morty reached a high point when Summer was a queen in the early post-apocalyptic desert Episode Season 3, and the seventh episode in 4th season reach the same peak by making Glorzo’s Great Summer Empress. In “Promortyus,” Summer is once again a devotional and verbal bag for Rick and Morty, but the way he carelessly raised him to be the most important person in the room was total pleasure.

Rick might have a genius IQ, but in many situations, he could be far more stupid than his teenage grandchildren.

Riff that’s clear on film Prometheus (which occurs in the same cinematic universe as Foreign film), the main plot hooks in “Promortyus” involving alien facehugger species. After the egg explodes, a tentacle creature will stick to someone’s face and put the egg in his stomach. 30 minutes later, they explode and give birth to new eggs. That is a vicious circle.

“All you do is live half an hour, lay eggs, and die?” Summer said halfway through the episode in a flashback to her story. “Who wants to change things around here?”

Whenever Summer gets the main role in each episode, he becomes an agent of change that breaks the status quo in important ways, challenging our high perception of Morty and, even more so, Rick.

We have high hopes for our title characters, and the first half of the episode really provides raw sci-fi entertainment entertainment – but it’s all in the end effort to subvert our desires in a really bad way. And it all has to do with the summer standoff with them in this adventure all the time. They just forgot about it.

Rick and Morty deal with a group of Glorvo advance seekers.Adult Swim

The first half of this episode is a glorious and animated show. After a lucky accident freed them, Rick and Morty took a way out of the foreign society of these industry facehuggers, using all kinds of extraordinary gadgets that Rick had built into his car. There was even a slight parody of Star Wars that occurred when Morty entered the tower at the bottom of the car to shoot at the enemy. Then there are a pair of skyscrapers that stand directly in their path, and they drift respectfully rather than re-create 9/11. Bombing a full shipyard, however, was a fair game when they reinvented Pearl Harbor.

The whole sequence went from pleasant to uncomfortable to funny. Finally it feels like wise but silly meditation about how crazy the 21st century is. “This episode is about living in the fall of the 21st century, and Ass-Eggs,” tweeted episode writer Jeff Loveness.

We must respect Rick and Morty’s appetizing decision to remake 80-year-old American atrocities, not 20. This is a very risky little comedy that proves Rick and Morty the writer’s space really knows their audience.

That millions of millennia the watch Rick and Morty remember 9/11 very well, while Pearl Harbor happened so long that many potential viewers had little or no emotional connection to the event, and because it was a fair game for jokes. Especially considering our current level of apocalyptic isolation in the midst of a pandemic, Rick and MortyComedy nihilism and the capacity to make fun of insane violence feels more timely than ever. However, the more we think about it seriously, the more we must realize that Morty and Rick care enough about various types, leaving a lot of destruction behind them. How many people did Rick kill in his life, really? Is it important?

That’s not even the worst thing they did in this episode.

After their epic escape, they chatted while having breakfast Jerry confessed honey hobby, and they realize that they left Summer in the community of facehuggers. That’s when both of them went from heroes to morons.

Rick, Morty, and Beth could barely pay attention to Jerry.Adult Swim

This is what is known as the dick movement.

But in a long flashback, we find out that Morty and Rick immediately screw up the glowing alien eggs while Summer is more suspicious. After a pair of Glorvo facehuggers had Rick and Morty, the only thing that saved Summer from experiencing a similar fate was her new “Things”, which left toothpicks in her mouth at all times. It kills every facehugger who tries to grab it.

He can quickly navigate this strange society to become the highest empress, all by directing progress rather than procreation as the focus of this society. So they built technology rather than continuing the cycle of death and rebirth. Strangely, that nuance comes from the perspective of Summer women, especially for an episode that also gives us the incest Morty-Rick from one step removed by having the robbers makeout their faces.

So it became summer than Rick who saved the day, in the end, helped prevent these face robbers from spreading their domains to Earth. He continued to prove himself to be the most interesting, pleasant, and resourceful person in the room – and I sincerely hope he appears for more adventures.

Rick and Morty Season 4 airs Sunday night at Adult Swim at 11:30 East night.

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