Pete Evans Shares QAnon Conspiracy Posts on Instagram After Leaving My Kitchen Rules | Instant News

The shift in tone seems to hurt his Facebook followers – but only slightly. According to the social media analysis site Crowdtangle, Evan’s followers on Facebook peaked in early 2016 and have consistently and gradually declined since then. But April was the worst month in the number of raw followers because he lost more than 3,700 fans.

On Instagram, Evans is trending. Since Crowdtangle began tracking its accounts in early 2016, the number of followers has increased. The number of followers grew by more than 900 in April – but it was the smallest monthly growth for Evans this year (he had 2,700 new followers in January, 1,600 in February, and 1,600 in March).

While some fans question why so many conspiracy theories have suddenly appeared in their bait, others have fully accepted the change. A follower commented on Evan’s May 5 post about an interview with David Icke’s old conspiracy theory: “Thank you very much for sharing …”

Overall, Evans seemed to overcome his month from hell by just posting it.

In a video filmed with his horse – which, unfortunately, is not immune to Evans’ controversies despite being an animal – and posted on Instagram, Evans promotes upcoming podcast episodes before signing with a cheeky smile.

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