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Lady Gaga revealed that she turned her gaze to tie the knot (Photo: InStyle)

Lady Gaga had set his sights on marriage and said he hoped one day to walk down the aisle and eventually become a mother.

Pop icon, 34, now date technology entrepreneur Michael Polansky and it seems like something is happening beautiful well, if the first thing Gaga says she wants from life is to tie her ties.

Singer The Born This Way appeared on the album cover InStyle for the May issue and blatantly opens up about his hopes of having a family.

Channel the unique theme of the new single Stupid Love, Gaga appeared all in pink with a ruffled dress and a veil netted.

Asked what he wanted to get out of life, Gaga answered: ‘Marriage.’

Aside from making more music, more films and wanting to pursue more charitable activities with her non-profit, the Born This Way Foundation, Gaga said she also hopes to become a mother.

When asked what he wants from life, Gaga’s first answer is ‘marriage’ (Photo: InStyle / NATHANIEL GOLDBERG / THE LINDSAY THOMPSON COMPANY)
Gaga also revealed that she was eager to have children (Photo: InStyle / NATHANIEL GOLDBERG / THE LINDSAY THOMPSON COMPANY)
Gaga appears on the cover of the May edition of InStyle (Image: InStyle / NATHANIEL GOLDBERG / THE LINDSAY THOMPSON COMPANY)

“I’d say I’m very happy to have children,” he admitted. ‘I hope to be a mother. Isn’t it amazing what we can do? We can hold humans inside and grow them. “

He continued: ‘Then come out and our duty to stay alive. Very funny, everyone works at my house every day. When they enter, I always say, “Welcome to the womb.” ‘

Gaga which recently raised a large $ 35 million towards a coronavirus relief effort in just one week, has been dating Michael’s new girlfriend since the beginning of this year.

Gaga has been dating Michael Polansky’s new girlfriend since the beginning of this year (Photo: Instagram)

He made their official relationship Instagram in February and share photos of couples being held together for their fans.

Michael, who is Executive Director of the Parker Foundation, a research institute to develop new immune therapies to fight cancer, and Gaga are reportedly inseparable.

Sources say to E! News: ‘He has been dating the same man for more than a month. They had seen other people since before the holidays and he was crazy about her. “

Former Michael, who dated him for seven years in college, since reacting to the news he has been dating Gaga in an op-ed for the New York Times.

Acknowledging he learned about their relationship through social media, former Michael said that he found comparing himself to Gaga actually ‘motivational’.

Recalling a shopping trip, he wrote: ‘If Lady Gaga can do what she wants, and even expand what she wants, why not me too? I went to a nice shop that I had never entered before and I tried something. The clerk asked me what the program was.

‘I learned from Facebook that my ex-girlfriend was dating Lady Gaga, I told her, and she looked me up and down. The dress was too expensive, but I still bought it. Why do I have to accept less than Lady Gaga? “

The May edition of InStyle, available at newsstands, on Amazon, and for digital downloads April 17.

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