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This week saw the announcement Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, and Others Get OK to Reopen with ConditionsSo finally everything seems to be moving in the right direction regarding the opening of Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld and other US amusement parks. The plan must be very detailed with strict security measures for player / employee members and guests. They must be handed over to the Governor and their local government officials and then agreed and agreed before the gates will open.

This is a question that is on every lip of amusement park fans, When You YOU Think Walt Park Disney World Going To Reopen ?, and Disney is still not in a position yet to be able to give an official announcement to answer it. This is a very worrying and difficult time for all Disney Cast Members and amusement park employees around the world and we hope they can all continue their work as quickly as possible and with the latest news there seems to be, at last, the hope seen.

Over the past eight weeks we have voted on a number of different topics and recently in the mini series we saw potential steps that might be taken when the amusement park can finally open their gates. This includes discussing your views on the need to wear a face mask and take a temperature test at the park’s entrance. These two steps are being launched when Disney Springs reopens May 20 with further details outlined in this official announcement, Disney Springs Announces Mask and Temperature Requirements, Plus Phase 2 Opening May 27. As we said, Disney will definitely pay special attention to how guests will respond and comply with these steps to inform their planned reopening of the theme park.

It is now clear that however at the opening of Disney Springs on May 20, face masks will be needed by all team members and guests at all times (apart from meals) and temperature tests will be carried out for everyone before entering. I am sure this will cause excitement for some people and hurt others. Wearing a mask in an amusement park has become a controversial issue when discussed.

At present, based on the latest announcements, Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, and Others Get OK to Reopen with Conditions, capacity will be limited to 50% during Phase 1, up to 75% in Phase 2. At present we do not know what is involved in moving to Phase 2 but provide an outline or road map of the plan to follow.

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It will be very interesting to see what Disney will do to try and make opening at this level financially feasible. We surmise that we will see a price increase? Will each park open at once or will they stagger open? What else will we see? We will let you know about this as soon as the news ends.

Unfortunately, on the east coast with tighter restrictions, opening for Disneyland Resort does not look very likely anytime soon with three months locked ahead only for beginners. Polls 15 and 16 aim to return a smile at this difficult time and ask which park you cannot wait to return to first? The vote has come and I will start by bringing you up to date with the latest results for this poll.

Poll 15 – Which Walt Disney World Park can’t you wait to come back to again?

This poll has created a lot of interest and in fact the results I found were a bit surprising. I would expect Disney’s Magic Kingdom to be a clear winner but that is not the case. Here are the results currently available:

  • Disney’s Magic Kingdom – 24%
  • Epcot – 33%
  • Disney Hollywood Studios – 18%
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park – 25%

So there you have it, Epcot is a park that wins prizes for being a park that you can’t wait to get back to the most. Disney’s Magic Kingdom is not even ranked second, Disney’s Animal Kingdom ranks second with 25%, followed by Disney’s Magic Kingdom with 24%. Disney’s Hollywood Studios has 18% respectability, it will always face strong competition.

Earth Spaceship
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Don’t worry if you haven’t chosen and want to, only CLICK HERE to choose. I will let you know the final results of this poll in my next article which will be coming soon!

Poll 16 – Which Disneyland Resort Park can’t you wait to return to again?

This will always make fewer people vote, but I think that’s what’s important to do, especially when readers ask why they can’t vote at Disneyland.

We know that Disneyland unfortunately had to wait longer to be able to open the gate due to a locking of three months and strict measures to try to curb the spread of COVID-19 in California. Nevertheless it will open at some point and when that happens here is the result of the extent to which the park you most have been waiting to visit:

  • Disneyland – 81%
  • Disney California Adventure – 19%
Disneyland, Main Street USA
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I think the results are clear and when a reader says “I’m not picky” which I think really summarizes. As with Poll 15 do not worry if you have not chosen and want, only CLICK HERE and don’t forget to share them with your friends and family.

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