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Noah Cyrus cried when he admitted that “irresistible” lived in the shadow of his sister Miley Cyrus.

The 20-year-old singer opened up about the difficulties she faced growing up with her famous siblings when she discussed the meaning behind her new song “Young & Sad”.

The song, which was featured on his new EP End of Everything, featuring lyrics that include: “My sister is like sunshine, brings good light wherever she goes / and I was born in a rain cloud, blessed in the shadows.”

During sometime Instagram alive, Noah outlined the meaning behind the lyrics and at one point cried as he pondered the criticism he had received over the years.

“I think only the message in the second verse, born in the family where I am, everyone gives me trouble because I have difficulty becoming Miley’s sister,” he explained.

“But you know, I always feel like I’m someone who doesn’t care about what people say to me online.”

Noah went on to describe the comparison to his brother as “absolutely unbearable”, adding: “Everyone always tells me, that whatever happens, I will be in that shadow.”

The singer said that it was difficult for him to accept and overcome the thought that he would “always” live in the shadow of his sister.

“That is something I have heard all my life, every day, my whole life. “Either that or that I’m not enough in some way, whether it’s my appearance or my way,” Noah said.

“Like I said yesterday, sometimes I feel like I’m not breathing properly.”

Noah Cyrus says it is ‘unbearable’ to live in the shadow of his sister Miley (Getty)

Noah ended the discussion by saying he “might not talk about it anymore” but wanted people to understand how difficult his childhood was.

“Everyone always says you give people strength by seeing it, but I can’t control seeing it,” he added. “This is very difficult for me.”

Miley had previously spoken in defense of her younger sister and said she hoped her growing career did not stop her from remaining true to her true self.

During 2017 podcast with Elvis DuranMiley said: “I think it makes you tired, it keeps you guarded, and I never wanted him to be like that. I really hope he never feels the pressures and I hope others respect him and don’t really- really made him something he was not. “

Ex Disney star also shared some of the advice he gave his younger sister about the pressure of fame, adding: “I always tell Noah, keep your Instagram comments.

“Never read anything people say about you. Don’t Google yourself. “


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