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Updated: Wednesday, May 20, 2020 12:06 PM IST

New Delhi | Jagran Entertainment Table: The matriarchy has begun, long before Nairobi announced it in the Spanish Netflix series that is loved by Money Heist, which is 45 days and counted since the release of its fourth season, has become a trend on the famous OTT platform. But when it all started for Spanish actress Alba Flores (who plays Nairobi in Money Heist) the melody was not the revolutionary and popular Italian Bella Ciao, but a simple background story from Andhra Pradesh in which she played the character of Indian woman, Shamira, while speaking smoothly Telugu.

In a video that has spread on the internet, Alba Flores can be seen saree-clothed with braided hair and playing a Telugu female character: Shamira.

Apparently, the video comes from the 2013 film released ‘Vincente Ferrer’ taken near Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, and Alba Flores playing the character of a teacher in it who tries to educate women in Anantapur, while being sent to bring substantial change to the landscape Anantpur with the help of Spanish missionary Vincente Ferrer, who became the basis of the life of this film.

In a scene from the film, Alba is seen speaking fluently in Telugu while interacting with locals in Anantpur. His character tries to raise awareness among the locals and translates Spanish into Telugu and vice versa.

Fans can’t stay calm but just want to know the many talents they have, Nairobi, who has been very warm and very dynamic throughout his career.

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The fourth season of the Spanish Netflix series La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) in which Alba Flores plays a fan favorite character like Nairobi, was released on the popular OTT platform in early April – and has received positive reviews from critics and viewers, globally, and continues to be very popular in India.

The series is based on a diverse group of Helo Anglo-Saxons who succeed in carrying out some very planned robberies, while covering the large radius of moral dynamics and attachments that are released pragmatically needed to keep things away from the police and intelligence authorities who sniff Heist -sniffing.

In India, Money Heist has met its standards, as one of the most popular foreign creations lately, with a fan base that has penetrated the Indian entertainment world as well.

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