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The governor announced upcoming sectoral guidelines during a conversation to Listen to the Economic Recovery & Reinvention Tour with industry leaders including Ted Sarandos, Ava DuVernay and Jon Huertas.

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that the state plans to issue guidelines for film, television and advertisement production on Monday, May 25 in a conversation with leaders in the entertainment industry on Wednesday.

“We are in real time drafting guidelines relating to production, TV, advertising … because we anticipate the launch on Monday, May 25 some sectoral guidelines that will enable these countries to start moving forward and allow some modifications, allow some work to to be finished, let some movement in your industry. That is why this is timely, “he told the conversation participants, which was held as part of the Governor’s List of Economic Recovery & Reinvention Tour. Sonia Angell, Danny Stephens-Lo, Jon Huertas, Stacey Morris, Ava DuVernay, Tom Steyer, Ted Sarandos, Julie Su and Ann O’Leary joined Newsom during the call.

During the talks themselves, the production leaders discussed the ideas they made to return to work and learn from the actions of other countries. Netflix content head Sarandos notes that his company is currently producing in South Korea, Iceland and Sweden, and each production adopts a different safety protocol: “In places like Sweden, they don’t do tests but do voluntary quarantine in the next few weeks. until production. In South Korea, you are immediately tested. “Meanwhile, in Iceland, crew members and cast are not ready to leave. He added that the set was not only safe, they had to feel safe to cast and crew to succeed again.

Makeup Artist Morris (Dolemite is my name) added that he hoped the guidelines would involve transparency and explanation. “People basically don’t like to be told what to do,” he said. “So I think it’s important for us to be on the same page, to have understanding and education.” Huertas, an actor at NBC this is us, echoes that people must stay motivated to follow all the guidelines: “We don’t want to destroy what we build,” he said.

Newsom promised the guidelines on Monday but quickly warned that “that does not mean lights are everywhere.” He said that 53 of the 58 states of California were in a position to meet all of the state’s criteria for reopening (including detention and protection plans) but Los Angeles County was one of them. The largest and most populous region in the state remains the center of a pandemic in terms of deaths and the number of positive cases.

Although there are some “good signs,” Newsom, L.A. County “remains a challenging part of us,” and that could mean that it will be “a few weeks behind someone else’s.” The good news was determined today by the director of the L.A. District Public Health Department. Dr. Barbara Ferrer as a slight decrease but remained in the number of COVID-19 hospitalized and the number of patients who used a ventilator and were treated in the ICU.

Asked by Newsom how Netflix handled production in other countries and how to compare it, Sarandos said that there had been discussions about things moving at a faster pace elsewhere, but only in a matter of weeks. He also said that the needs of each production were different, so a more specific approach was given. That said, he said everyone walked cautiously. “I don’t think anyone is rushing,” Sarandos said. “If they take a shortcut for safety, it will have a terrible long-term effect.”

Pandemic has had a personal and professional impact on DuVernay, who revealed that he lost family members and crew members due to the disease. “That can’t be in vain,” he said, adding that “I hope there will be new energy” moving forward to a new phase of life. Part of it, he hopes, will take lessons from this difficult time and turn it into a solution. “This is an opportunity for us to say, ‘Ok, this is annoying, but what we can take from it is what works … can we leave what is broken.”

The round table meeting took place only a few hours after the chairman of the County Supervisory Board Kathryn Barger reported that 890,000 entertainment workers currently unemployed in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. The news came out of a meeting of the Los Angeles County Economic Resilience Task Force where business sector leaders gave an update to their industry.

The industrial coalition is still drawing up plans to resume production in entertainment projects, with one of the first US companies issuing proposals – Tyler Perry’s studio in Atlanta – on Wednesday. Call plan for the cast of the Perry TV show Sistas and Oval to be tested for COVID-19 with a nasal swab before setting, isolating itself for 16 days, traveling in a private jet and then being tested again when landing in Atlanta, among other steps.

Theater, for their part, is currently looking to reopen in late June or early July to show Christopher Nolan Principle, scheduled for release on July 17, and Disney Mulan, on July 24. While a handful of theaters have reopened in certain countries, most cinemas remain closed and ready to implement health precautions including reducing seating capacity if necessary.

Watch the complete round table below.

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