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Mirela Vaida he recently talked about his relationship with his mother-in-law, who helped him take care of his three children and live with the star Antenna 1.

In a magazine interview VIVA!, the person who lowered hearings with Vulpiţa and Viorel, said the type of relationship she had with her husband’s mother and how she managed to cope with the tense times between them.

“Even during this interview, my mother-in-law wiped the window. We separated, I sat outside with the kids on the beach, and she cleaned.

He also cannot be alone, it is quite tiring to stay home with three children of various ages and needs and with different schedules.

Especially because my mother-in-law had been a teacher for decades, she was quite tired. We cook together on Saturdays, and since he came to us, he has learned to cook to our liking.

We get along well in the kitchen, we work fast, orderly. If not, he has time, he plays various strategy games, he watches Star Trek, he has books and his peace “, Mirela Vaida stated for the source quoted.

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