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KHLOE Kardashian surprised fans with a drastic change in her appearance on Friday after she darkened her blonde hair.

35 years old Compete with Kardashians The star showed off a new look on her Instagram but fans called her for “photoshopping” pictures.


Khloe showed off a new darker hairdo on FridayCredits: Instagram


The reality star changes from bright blonde hair to darker brown hairCredits: Instagram


Khloes’s transformation surprised many fansCredits: Instagram


Khloe’s followers were surprised by this big changeCredits: Instagram

Khloe glow with glittering brown skin in the trio of images that debuted her newest hairdo.

The founder of Good American pursed her lips while wearing a thin, white bodice that hung down.

He wrote a fiery statement next to the photo shoot: “location: under b *** hes skiiiinnnnn.”

The look of the shocked follower said the star looked “unrecognizable” after undergoing a makeover.

“Who’s that !!!? Where is Khloe,” one fan worried asking while the other said: “I don’t even know who this is.”


Fans question who the woman in the photo isCredits: Instagram


Many fans noted that the image appeared to have been changedCredits: Instagram

Many of the 111 million followers of the TV personality showed alleged photoshop edits to his face.

One person urged: “Please stop! You look pathetic. Be yourself. What happened to your face? “

“Am I the only one who thinks his eyes look very uneven?” Someone asked.

Besides the crying face, a fan wrote: “I love you but this photoshop … you don’t have to do that.”


Tristan and Khloe have been caring for their daughter during the corona virus lockingCredit: See Caption


Khloe shares Tristan’s daughter with Right

“Geez, what happened to his face … his right eye is much higher than his left eye. Ohhhh nothing, “the others opened fire.

Khloe – who has natural brown hair – has dyed her hair black, red, and various shades of brown and blonde for years.

The host Revenge Body also recorded her weight loss journey and recently admitted that she lost more than 60 pounds.

Earlier this week, he showing off his flat stomach amid speculation she was pregnant with her second child.

He sent a message loud and clear after fans became sure he has another baby on the way.


Khloe shared a picture of her tight stomach on InstagramCredits: Instagram

Khloe shared a photo of her tight stomach on her Instagram and wrote it: “pre quarantine abs.”

The post came after KUWTK fans were convinced that she was pregnant again with father’s baby Tristan ThompsonSon

Khloe had talked to her ex-husband about it the possibility of having more children along with freezing the embryo.

However, he took to Twitter to share the flow of anger messages when the offended star slammed the public into thinking they “knew” him and “his womb”.


Khloe had done well and thoroughly cleared up the rumor that she was pregnant

He boils: “I don’t go to many social platforms today AND this is one of the main reasons why I stay away.

“The things that people say are sick and painful. I am disgusted with so many things that I have seen. SMH people swear they know everything about me. Including my uterus. It hurts.

“The bad things you said about me about A RUMOR! I have seen so many painful / despicable stories and tweets about me about false stories.

“And if that’s true … it’s MY LIFE, NOT yours,” the mother exclaimed.

Khloe Kardashian and former cheating Tristan Thompson will freeze embryos for their second baby this summer because she is considering bringing her back

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