The FBI has denied claims of violations in the student admission case | Instant News

BOSTON – Federal prosecutors deny allegations that investigators deliberately detained and fabricated evidence to frame actress Lori Loughlin, her fashion designer husband, Mossimo Giannulli, and other prominent parents accused of cheating the college admission process.

Prosecutors told the judge in a legal document submitted late Wednesday that he had to reject parents’ efforts to drop the charges, calling their claims that government violations were “without merit.”

“Criminal defendants are entitled to a strong defense. But making unsubstantiated claims that the evidence was made to trap the innocent is too far, “writes Assistant Lawyer A. Stephen Frank.

Lawyers for parents have accused investigators of bullying their informants to lie and then hiding evidence that would support parents’ claims that they believe the payment is a legitimate contribution that would benefit the school, rather than bribes for trainers or officials.

Lori Loughlin, Other parents argue that the admission case is not in Massachusetts

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