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Dear Heloise: About a week ago I lost my house key. It was a frustrating moment when I discovered I could not enter my house. A locksmith asked me $ 100 to open the door and make a new house key for me. I never wanted this to happen again, so I put an additional house key in an empty pill bottle with a tightly closed lid, and hotly pressed the stone on it. I buried it in my garden. The only thing above the ground is rock. I don’t need to worry about being locked again. – Karen in Massachusetts


Dear Heloise: I go swimming several times a week and always rinse my swimsuit and swimming shoes when I get home. I found that putting a little vinegar in the water eliminates the smell of chlorine in suits and shoes.

Another clue that helps me when I sew is to slip a piece of white paper under the foot of the press while inserting the needle. Light reflection from white paper makes the eye of the needle more visible and easier to see. – Annie in Nebraska


Dear Heloise: If you feel unstable when you get out of bed at night or first thing in the morning, or when standing from a chair or sofa, just press your calf on the bed or chair to stabilize yourself before continuing. – Linda Y., via email


Dear Heloise: Just read comments from readers in a recent column about dull laminate countertops. After having the same problem with my cream colored table, I found coloring in tissue paper printed onto the laminate. I use a weak bleach solution to remove the dye. There have been no problems since. – Sharon in Ohio

Sharon, I am glad this worked for you, and it is very possible that you used this weak solution once. But I consulted with one of the largest laminate countertops manufacturers in America, and they DO NOT recommend using bleach on laminated countertops. In fact, they say all harsh chemicals must be avoided. Continuous use of bleach will damage the coating on almost all laminated tables or laminar floors. – Heloise


Dear Heloise: Overeating is too easy to do – for me, anyway. So, when I get home from shopping, I make a goodie serving one bag by putting my favorite snack into a resealable plastic snack bag. No need to overeat from cookies or chip bags. – Rita in North Dakota


Dear Heloise: This is a simple guide, but I have found that it saves time and makes sense. In the trash can around the house, I always have an extra bag ready and waiting at the bottom of the trash. When I empty the trash, I just need to reach out and get the next bag. – Ginny in Texas


Dear Heloise: I beg of you to help educate the driver about “zipper incorporation.” With all the road construction going on throughout the country, we will all be much better if the driver knows this. – Diana C., via email

Diana, I am pleased to convey this information. Readers, imagine this: The highway lane closes in front with the signs needed to remind you. Are you moving soon, or are you waiting for the lane closure to be with you? Zipping is the preferred step. Decrease your speed but wait until you arrive at the actual closing (cones, arrows, etc.), and then take turns with the vehicle next to you, such as zipper teeth, into one lane.

This has been proven to reduce traffic reserves and traffic congestion, and it creates a feeling of justice and equality that no one is being unjust in front of others.

Next time there is a lane closure, practice zipper incorporation to save time and hassles. – Heloise


Dear reader: Kathy A. sent a photo of her special saved girl, Gracie, who survived cancer.

To see our other Gracies and Pet Pals, visit www.Heloise

.com and click “Pet of the Week.”

Do you have a funny and furry friend who you want to share? Email images and descriptions to [email protected]. – Heloise


Dear Heloise: I recycle everything I can. If I can’t reuse the box, I use the box cutter and cut it or fold it until it goes into my recycle bin.

I grew up with a mother who recycles / reuses everything she can! “Don’t waste it, don’t want to” is one of the lessons he taught us. My trash can is never full!

I love your mother’s column; love yours too! – Rachel R., San Antonio, Texas

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