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WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon is still not ‘sold’ with the coveted star.

According to Paul Davis from WrestlingNews.coFormer NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler has yet to convince McMahon that she is ready for a big push at the top of the card. Davis wrote, “I was told that Baszler would eventually move to [Raw Women’s] This year’s title image but McMahon is still not 100 percent sold as a top heel. “

It’s no secret that McMahon has considerable doubts about Baszler. Before Baszler’s debut on the main list, the former UFC star was described as a “fugitive” star in Raw and Smackdown and someone who has the potential to be the main level event heels in the women’s division. But it didn’t take long for McMahon’s true feelings for Baszler to emerge. McMahon first reportedly disappointed with Baszler’s first match listing, the 2019 Survivor Series main event, which featured Bazler facing Becky Lynch and Bayley in a battle of three threats that were highlighted by the event.

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Even though Baszler won his first major roster match – on a pay-per-view basis and in the main event, still – was seen as a good sign for his future on the main list, McMahon was said to be “really” angry about the quality of the match, so much so that he reportedly distances the points to the referee so he wants the stars to fight. Only a few months later, McMahon once again proved that he was not Baszler’s biggest fan. Baszler first originally set to win the Royal Rumble woman before the last minute change in the plan to give that honor to Charlotte Flair instead.

Nearly a month later, reports emerged that McMahon was once again disappointed in Baszler following a lackluster match against Kairi Sane on Raw, resulting in much speculation that McMahon could get worse at “The Cagefighter” “altogether. Things seemed to get better when Paul Heyman using an idea he once had for CM Punk and booked the Raw Women’s Elimination Room match so Baszler eliminated all five other competitors in the fight.

Then, we got one more mixed signal.

Although widespread expectations were that Baszler would beat Lynch for the title of Crude Woman at WrestleMania 36, ​​he did not, and when you think about it, it was even a stranger step considering that “The Man” was forced to vacate the title. only a month later. The title will be given to Asuka, who was given a belt prize after winning the women’s money in a bank match, a difference originally intended for Baszler before the plan clearly changes. That, of course, marked the second tent match that Baszler was originally scheduled to win would only be shortened by the last second change in the booking plan.

What isn’t entirely clear is whether Baszler was only disturbed by bad times or if McMahon really didn’t see many stars who were once the most dominant women in NXT. As WWE fans now know, success at NXT doesn’t always lead to success on Raw or SmackDown. In fact, often the opposite is true, and with Baszler not being too charismatic or attractive as a player, it really isn’t too surprising that he is the latest NXT supporter who has struggled to leave behind a protective yellow brand bubble.

That is not to say that Baszler cannot, or will not, turn things around in the end, but for now, the writing is on the wall: Baszler fans must vent their hopes because the Baszler Raw version will simply not be the same as NXT.


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