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WWE Raw presents its first show in the pandemic era to show a live crowd when athletes from the WWE Performance Center are used as important staff audiences. Last week, WWE issued a survey to fans, their poll how they feel seeing people in the crowd. WWE noted that athletes were tested and also used plexiglass as a safety measure because world leaders borrowed ideas from AEW and actually failed.

The WWE crowd looks like a real crowd invested in a story line, entertaining babies and jeering heels. As exciting as an important staff audience the AEW has been, it is filled with ordinary AEW talent who sometimes falls into bad habits to be too cold to room.

The big news from WWE Raw is that Apollo Crews won its first championship at WWE in Australia a rare collection of black superiority for the company. Raw also revealed great late news when WWE teased the Rey Mysterio retirement storyline following an eye injury (Kayfabe) at the hands of Seth Rollins. These will all be part of the angle that results in the match against Rollins in Backlash.

Despite announcing Brand-to-Brand Invitational for WWE Raw broadcast last week, it managed to garner 1.757 million viewers. This is a record low and down 8.4% from Raw one-month highs for the announcement of Becky Lynch’s pregnancy.

WWE Raw Viewers—Five of the Last Week

  • May 18 2020-1,757 million viewers
  • May 11, 2020-1,919 million viewers
  • May 4, 2020-1,686 million viewers
  • 27 April 2020-1,817 million viewers
  • April 20, 2020-1,842 million viewers

From Forbes WWE Vault

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Key Competition

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Mainstream News Coverage

Total YouTube WWE Viewers for WWE Raw

8,424,653 total views (Down from 13,221,271)

  • Most viewed: Drew McIntyre vs King Corbin (1,343,111 views)
  • Smallest Views: What You Don’t Know About Liv Morgan (212.137 views)
  • Total Median Visitors: 594,659

WWE Raw Results: Monday, May 25, 2020

K.O. Show Displays Asuka, Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax

The idea of ​​simple applause has added so much life to the atmosphere that was previously dim.

Through all the plants in this crowd, we can see who WWE sees as babyfaces and heels. During the entrance, Charlotte is clearly presented like a babyface. Then he commented about defeating Asuka and being ridiculed for it. Whether Charlotte is a babyface or not is still unknown.

Kevin Owens gets very good hosting from Apron.

Apollo Crews def. Andrade – WWE United States Championship

WWE is superior to AEW in bringing a coordinated, direct crowd who know who is a good person and a bad person. It has been 23 minutes and I have never heard a reference to wrestling in baseball shouting from workers in the bean gallery. Plexiglass plus.

As the miscommunication between Zelina and Friends continues, she is in danger of having zero clients at the end of the month.

Apollo Crews winning the United States Championship feels like the first big moment of the live-crowd era that doesn’t even exist yet.

Apollo Crews said it took 11 years for him to finally win the championship at WWE. I noticed a pattern.

Every time an African-American player wins a championship at this company, it feels like Jackie Robinson scores one. Sad, it’s good to see Apollo Crews at the base.

The IIconics Face Off with Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

Until further notice, I will be nervous every time I see IIconics, worried that WWE will stupidly pull the trigger separately.

“You just need to stand there, and just look grateful,” Billie Kay told Nikki Cross. That bar.

Nikki Cross and The IIconics fighting over who has a harder path from Europe to WWE is an interesting colonial drama that I didn’t know I needed.

Every wrestling announcer, at some point in their career, stans someone. J.R. for Austin; Corey Graves for Mandy Rose; Vince McMahon for HBK; Heenan for Goldberg; Schiavone to Sting. Samoa Joe has chosen The The IIconics booth and has a lot of potential.

The MVP Lounge Featuring Drew McIntyre

If Lashley beats Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship (he won’t), it will be a 13-year trip.

MVP is ready to take the most Claymore kicks in all WWE and he is not even a full time player.

I cannot emphasize how great it is to have a direct crowd.

Angel Garza def. Kevin Owens

Poor Zelina is the most met person in this pandemic, but not much can be shown with all her troops being defeated or beaten by her colleagues in the past two weeks. That is, until Angel Garza came and surprised Kevin Owens.

Zelina Vega has to ride these waves and get into whoever SmackDown sells to AJ Styles.

Def Street Profits. The Viking Raiders in Golf

The coolest part of this segment is the logo for Street Profits and Viking Raiders.

Don’t forget, all these crazy actions will eventually lead to wrestling matches which are all considered quite good.

Theories of Murphy and Austin def. Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black

If WWE wants anyone to care about a potential dispute between Murphy and Austin Theory, the two must be together and succeed as a deciding team for several weeks, at least.

It is crazy to see Shotzi Blackheart just standing in the middle of a crowd knowing he will be the biggest # NXT star in a year.

As long as Seth Rollins, Murphy and Austin Theory are around, the eyes are safe.

Nia Jax def. Charlotte Flair and Asuka

We are almost halfway through 2020 and the Broadcaster of the Year award in wrestling is dead hot between Chris Jericho and Asuka. I became 100% serious.

The problem with Asuka in the comments is that I care very little about matches and more about what she says (or, more precisely, how she will say it). Maybe the broadcasters spent most of the match preparing Asuka for the Japanese harsh words to blame.

Asuka changed horses several times while supporting these women.

Ric Flair Discusses Edge vs. Randy Orton

I made the mistake of thinking Ric Flair would appear live and was very disappointed with the decent Ric Flair promo.

The only way this will be the biggest match of all time is if Flair makes his own comments.

MVP and Lashley def. Street Benefits

Montez Ford continues to include The Rock in its promos and suitable, makes me think he’s provoking what will be the most charismatic fight in WWE history.

Kayla Braxton asks why MVP will compete after taking Claymore Kick is one of countless examples of WWE going above and beyond to place McIntyre as the top babyface. I’m very sure it will pay off when fans return.

MVP gets more ring time (and picks up more bumps) than I ever imagined in a match like this. That’s the story of the rise of MVP during the pandemic.


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