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The New Zealand Prime Minister remained calm and gathered when the earthquake struck during his live TV interview.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern gave an interview to Newshub The AM Show when the 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck the country. Even though it was a scary moment, the Prime Minister remained completely calm.

He told host Ryan Bridge, “We have just had an earthquake here, Ryan. It is a pretty good shake here if you see something moving behind me. The honeycomb moves a little more than most.”

The host asked Ms. Adern if everyone was okay and whether it was safe to continue, to which she replied, “It has just been stopped. No, we are fine, I am not under a chandelier and it seems like I am at a place which is structurally good. “

If we ever see a legend at work, there is this clip.

The Prime Minister gets a lot of praise for his reaction to this situation, because not many people can remain as calm as he is. One person wrote “Shaken? He is” Hey, I have this “calm down.”

Another said, “This is a leader who, ‘gathered together’. We want leaders who are calm, calculating & compassionate at the best times & at the worst times. Unfortunately, many leaders experience shortcomings in a crisis. Can we borrow Jacinda in Australia for a while, or change jobs. “

One person said, “If anyone dares to say the words” women are too emotional to be leaders “, I would only refer to Jacinda Ardern smiling and calming stating” We only had a few earthquakes here “directly on TV.”

According to the Guardian, an earthquake struck 30 km northwest of Levin, a city about an hour’s drive north from Wellington.

No injuries or structural damage were reported.

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