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Stew soup Jenna MacGillivray and empty hand Chris Miller from Under the Sailing Yacht Deck both of them suspected the charter guest was doing drugs on the boat. They brought their suspicions to Captain Glenn Shephard who was in a difficult position – what did you do when no drugs were found but the crew was suspicious?

The preview shows Shephard checking guests’ belongings because the main one looks nervous. Another clip shows guests dealing with Shephard telling him that his luxury cruise vacation has now been destroyed.

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So is the crew wrong? Crew members have shared that the captain can go to jail and the crew can lose their license. Illegal drugs brought on cruise ships are a serious matter. But what happens if no cure is found and what is the best way to handle this very complicated situation?

Showbiz Cheat Sheet asks Captain Sandy Yawn from Under the Mediterranean Deck how most cruise ship captains handle similar situations. As someone who has been in the industry for 30 years, Yawn said that she encountered many guests who were trying to bring drugs. He said illegal drugs on board were very serious and should not be tolerated.

However, he said there was a certain level that must be deployed by the captain of the cruise ship to walk the fine line between staying legal, while still respecting guest privacy.

Start with the main one

Yawn said that just having suspicions about drugs would make the accusations complicated. During Under the deck season 1, stew Kat Held actually found illegal drugs sitting at the guest table when there was a decline. That made Captain Lee Rosbach’s decision quite easy and straightforward (he immediately moved the guests).

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However, what is the best approach when you suspect a guest of having drugs? “Just go to elementary school,” Yawn shared. “I don’t greet that person with drugs unless it’s the main thing. I just pulled them aside and told them that the main purpose was for you to enjoy your friends and enjoy the charter. I’m not here to be a fun killer. “

He knew people were using drugs and the guests couldn’t use them. “So, I’ll just say, ‘Can you talk to your friend and get medicine from the ship?’ That’s how I talk to them and they are usually very cool about it. “

He also won’t look for guests’ belongings

While Yawn acknowledged the seriousness of carrying illegal drugs, she would not dig into guests’ personal belongings. “I will never discuss client matters,” he insisted. “Taking someone’s personal belongings? You can’t go through someone’s belongings. “

He returned to the idea of ​​having a rational conversation with the main one. Let them know drugs on the boat are a violation of marine law, but make guests feel comfortable and avoid reprimanding them. “How you handle it really makes a difference,” Yawn continued. “That’s how you deal with it.”

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He added that he was not here to judge the guests. He and the crew are here to ensure guests have a good charter but within the parameters of maritime law.

And Yawn insisted it could be done with the right approach. “Remember, as a captain you are not the boss of [the guests]”He said. ‘You are the boss of the ship. If the client does things that endanger the boat or crew, then you go,” OK, these are the things I answer, “but I deal with the main client. And you don’t need to go through anyone’s goods. “That Under the Sailing Yacht Deck the end of the season is Monday, May 25 at 9 / 8c in Bravo.

Under the Mediterranean Deck Season 5 premiered on Monday, June 1 at 9 / 8c in Bravo.

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